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Come See Me CritJames Curry
Apr 15, 2002 5:42 AM a great course! Wow, I have never been in a more serene environment. The .7, or maybe .8 mile loop runs around a lake. Like good landscaping and really pretty trees all around, and a canopy road which encloses the little up-hill. Good turns with lots of grass to fall in.

It rained that morning, but somehow the road dried right up before the 8:30 race. Really put the lean on into turn #4. Turn three was only 24 mph at the FASTEST, even in the pro 1,2, but it opened up onto a little decent that picked it up to like 35+ and put you into #4 at about 30 safely. Not as much braking as I though there would be, and HAH only one crash!

Of course it was right in front of me. They all are. Twas' my fate only a day later in the RR as well, only on a hill where momentum, or the lack thereof is crucial!

But the Crit (which isn't really a crit in my understanding) was awesome! I suggest to anyone on the Southeast to race this course! Even if you're from as far North as Va, like me, do it. Good experience!

All during the Race, I was meditating on the words of LFR and Brider- not really! But this forum does have some informational advantages. My two cents is race the Come See Mee Crit next year!
re: Come See Me Critflyinbowlofmilk
Apr 15, 2002 4:09 PM
Thanks for the race report. I think I will try it next year. I chicken out on going to it this year. I will be doing my 1st crit on the 20th of April. It will be First Charter Criterium with Cat4/5. I forgot to say that it will be my 1st year racing. So wish me good luck. Thanks again for the race report. And if in the future you see a new Cat 5 racer who looks like a oddity it me. Ha ha ha