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Questions on a Racing bike? (Lemond Zurich)(2 posts)

Questions on a Racing bike? (Lemond Zurich)ADKBiker
Apr 15, 2002 4:13 AM
Any Lemond Zurich riders out there? Is it a good racing bike. 853 Pro Reynolds. Adding a carbon seat post, carbon handle bars, titanium sattle and stem, would this be a smart upgrade? Thanks
re: Questions on a Racing bike? (Lemond Zurich)RockyMountainRacer
Apr 15, 2002 6:54 AM
The Zurich is a very good bike. I worked in a bike shop for 3 years where we sold Lemond's, and I built up many of those. My girlfriend bought the 2001 model, and rides and races it exclusively. We have the same pedals and bike size, so I've taken it out for many training rides.

The frame is very well constructed, absolutely perfect geometry on all the ones I've built. The 2001 frame is also very nice because it has an ovalized downtube where it hits the BB--this makes the bike very stiff laterally, but still vertically responsive like all steel bikes. I ride a Cannondale CAAD4 which is just about the stiffest frame on the market, and I couldn't notice much flex on the LeMond when I stood up and hammered on it (this is with a 49 size frame, bigger ones will no doubt be more flexy).

The only possible drawbacks to the bike are first of all weight. It's steel so it's gonna weigh more than other bikes. But if you are a steel fan, the ride quality makes the extra weight worth it (we're talking only 1/2 pound to a pound here anyway). Another consideration is that the Lemond geometry is very laid back on the seat and head tube angles. This makes the bike stable, but not a very fast cornerer. Therefore, it may not be a good crit bike especially in the bigger sizes.