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lonefrontranger have your read? Eat for your (blood) type .(8 posts)

lonefrontranger have your read? Eat for your (blood) type .mikebikr
Apr 13, 2002 5:49 AM
Eating For Your Type? Or have any knowledge of the premise? The basic idea is that people have more in common with each other according to their blood type than say ethnicity, race etc. The author suggests (d'Adamo) that people of certain blood types process certain foods more efficiently than others. Anyhow I was just curious since you certainly are well schooled and very knowledgeable regarding nutrition.

BTW With your success following a modified paleo diet, the book would suggest that you are Type O. Is that true by any chance?

Great theory, no data, no logic.Kerry
Apr 13, 2002 3:20 PM
This guy posits a theory that makes just as much sense as spontaneous generation did in the 1600s. "Seems logical" but it's not, and NO DATA to back it up. And only logical if you follow his arguments, not logical if you study biochemistry. There used to be a guy saying that "the only explanation" for a whole bunch of geological and archeological finds was visitors from outer space. He sold a lot of books, but guess what, the science never supported his outlandish claims. Rely on Bill Nye, the Science Guy for common sense: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." And this guy's claims certainly are extraordinary.
although I do coincidentally...lonefrontranger
Apr 14, 2002 2:47 PM
happen to be type O+. I don't subscribe to the blood type for eating either; there's just not any substantial scientific proof anywhere.

My program works for me because it's tailored to get rid of things I'm sensitive / borderline allergic to.
That's exactly what the book says.mikebikr
Apr 15, 2002 5:07 AM
Are yous sure it's just coincidence? The author kind of says that Type O's have problems with post agrarian food stuffs. Wheat, dairy etc. Does this sound familair?

Just curious.
May I suggest another book...Wayne
Apr 15, 2002 6:29 AM
"Why People Believe Weird Things" by Michael Shermer. Even if she's Type O and has problems with agrarian food stuffs, so what? That proves absolutely nothing. Correlation or coincidence proves nothing, especially in the absense, in this case, of some logical, scientifically based explanation. Shit happens, sometimes things appear related, the human mind seeks order and understanding, but SHIT HAPPENS, except that contingency and coincidence are real. Otherwise you end up a sucker with magnetic wristbands to cure your arthritis and your social security check going to some preacher or the psychic friends network.
i'm only one miserable data pointweiwentg
Apr 15, 2002 6:48 AM
but i'm O+. i have skim milk everyday with my oatmeal. nowadays i drink an extra glass before bed (because of the collarbone). no problems with wheat.
this guy needs to conduct a statistical study to correlate which blood types have problems with what foods. on a LARGE scale.
Relax everybodymikebikr
Apr 15, 2002 11:28 AM
Just throwing the notion out for discusion not as a religious recruitment vehicle.

Hey weiwentg:

Wonder how fast you'd be if you didn't drink the milk:)

Relax everybodyweiwentg
Apr 16, 2002 11:25 AM
lol, pretty slow :P