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D-20 Late Spring Calendar???(5 posts)

D-20 Late Spring Calendar???James Curry
Apr 12, 2002 4:55 AM

I have a great Race schedule for the next month, and have already had some great races and rides, BUT....

All of a sudden, nothing. I can't find any good races for May and June. April is going to finish out great with the Warsaw Menokin race, but what's next? It seems that the Virginia D-20 starts fast with Road races, and then quickly diverts to almost all crits. I don't just want to do crits, I want to do road races through June and July.

If I am willing to travel through out the east coast, start telling me road races worth my while (oh yeah, magic word: please). I drive as far South as Ga, and as far north as New York.

Someone give me some direction!
agreeDuane Gran
Apr 12, 2002 5:53 AM
Yeah, I race in D20 and also noticed that May is pretty empty of good races, however there is the Charles City RR:

I haven't done it before, but it might be fun. The Columbia circuit race is actually a really good one. The real fun starts happening in July in my opinion.
Hey Duane...Gregory Taylor
Apr 12, 2002 10:31 AM
Are you doing the Columbia race this weekend? I actually got off of my duff this year and have lined up a race or two. Did the Tyson's race last Sunday. World's oldest Cat V...

By the way, the on-line Cat IV/V registration for the Warsaw Road Race is now full. They have started a waiting list...

The Cat V field for the Columbia race is also getting full.

Greg Taylor
Team Lardbutt
Hey Duane...Duane Gran
Apr 14, 2002 2:39 PM
I'm not sure about Columbia yet. This is a good race with a very safe course. I'll be doing the 3/4 most likely and fortunately I made it in for TdW, which is an excellent road race.

I hope to see you at a race sometime. My team has changed its colors a bit (blue & white). I'm glad to hear you are getting into the racing. It is adictive, I'll warn you.
Here's a few...Wayne
Apr 12, 2002 6:28 AM
Turkey Hill, May 4th, west of Lancaster, PA rolling hills
Poolesville May 11th, 15 mile rolling loop with 1.5 mile dirt/gravel road per lap.
Race for Pulaski May 25th, Baltimore, MD maybe listed as crit? but it's a pretty long loop for a crit with a good climb every lap.
Montgomery County RR, June 15th, rolling hills. long loop.
Hump Race, June 29th (or Fitchburg-Longsjo is that weekend), 5 mile loop with 2 power climbs per lap.
Check out these links:
or this for PA races: