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Commuting as training. Critique my plan. (Cross post)(4 posts)

Commuting as training. Critique my plan. (Cross post)mikebikr
Apr 12, 2002 4:42 AM
As far a rest rest/recovery and effective training.
Drive to work and stop at the gym in the AM to lift for my legs.

Drive to work. Bike home doing mostly flat work and TT stuff. Spin-ups, Pyramids, Sprints, Muscle tension intervals. 35-45 miles.

Easy ride into work. Two decent hills about 12 miles.

Drive to work. Bike home doing primarily hill work. (6-8) 5 minute plus climbs at or just above LT. Also some short hill bursts 30 seconds or less. 35-45 miles

Easy ride into work. Two decent hills about 12 miles.

Race or very hard ride with varying pace and effort 50 miles or so. The other day is my just ride for fun day. Either a leisurely road ride or a fun MTB ride.

Is this plan going to be effective? Any suggestions?

Looks like my weekshirt
Apr 12, 2002 8:29 AM
I do the 'one way' bike commuting thing, too, into San Francisco. It seems to work pretty well. The pure roadies will probably say you don't have enough miles in there, but it looks ideal to me if most of your races are between 45 minutes and 2 hours. I'm assuming that earlier in the winter your long days were well over 50 miles and at a lower intensity, si?

The big question is, though, what phase of training is this? You probably need to be careful, just like me, of falling into a 'statis' state and doing the same thing over and over and not structuring your weeks (as in consecutive weeks, not days within weeks) towards a specific goal. I'm currently deeply guilty of this, though I tell myself I'm in 'base.' Hah.

Looks pretty good to me.allervite
Apr 12, 2002 12:19 PM
My only real concern is that weight lifting day. If the rest of the week is pretty hard, you would be better off doing upper body and some spinning on a stationary bike for warm up.

Also, heed Shirt's advice and try to keep the training progressive. Other than that, he knows nothing. He thinks Sometime Simoni has a chance in the Tour.
re: Commuting as training. Critique my plan. (Cross post)distinctHead
Apr 12, 2002 3:33 PM
Yeah, that should be very effective... I bike both ways to work clipless, tho that's only about 10 miles total, in the summer I do about 5 miles extra and 30 miles sat/sun. Bicycle commuting is definately worth it. Rock on ;)