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Supplement contaminationpeloton
Apr 10, 2002 8:24 PM
Check out the percentages released recently by the IOC and the uksport on the levels of contamination of illegal substances found in off the shelf supplements. As a whole there was a 15% average contamination rate in all the substances tested worldwide. The US had a higher rate of 18.8% with a number of 45 tainted products found of the 240 tested. Not a good ratio. Nanladrone, an anabolic, was a common finding in many supplements. Here is one real good reason to steer clear of your local GNC. Got dope?

The full results of the IOC research are as follows:

(Key: Country/No. of products tested/No. of 'positive'
results/Percentage 'positives')

1. Netherlands 31 / 8 / 25.8%
2. Austria 22 / 5 / 22.7%
3. UK 37 / 7 / 18.9%
4. USA 240 / 45 / 18.8%
5. Italy 35 / 5 / 14.3%
6. Spain 29 / 4 / 13.8%
7. Germany 129 / 15 / 11.6%
8. Belgium 30 / 2 / 6.7%
9. France 30 / 2 / 6.7%
10. Norway 30 / 1 / 3.3%
11. Switzerland 13 / 0 / 0%
12. Sweden 6 / 0 / 0%
13. Hungary 2 / 0 / 0%
Total: 634 / 94 / 14.8%
This is whylonefrontranger
Apr 11, 2002 8:10 AM
I stick with Shaklee. I'm not trying to push their product here, but they do have rigorous internal purity standards, and they do clinical efficacy testing on all their products. Even then, I only use their electrolyte replacement drink mix. I avoid GNC, herbals and "power / diet supplements" like the plague.

I saw a lot of the research and FDA warning letters on this kind of stuff in my former job at a nutraceuticals company.

If you want a good laugh at the expense of the herbal charlatans, go to
Poor manufacturing practices not IOC Secret Plot.allervite
Apr 11, 2002 9:08 AM
There has been a lot made of theis lately and it gives credence to those athletes who we have sneered at when they say, "I swear I never used anything illegal." Caveat Emptor, but you cannot know what is not knowable. If a company does not list an illegal substance on its label, how is an athlete suppsed to know what he can and cannot use. Perhaps, these company should serve a few of the bans the athletes have been forced to endure.

One of the facts they leave out though is the density of contamination. It is extremely low. If you are thinking that using any of these substances is going to improve your performance because they contain Nandralone, you would be greatly mistken.

However, if testing positive in a drug control is a concern, you would be wise to steer clear of these products, and U.S. Beef, and Milk, etc (but that is another story).

The problem is that they use the same machines to manufacture a product like Creatine as they use to create a product like Nandralone. There is a bit of dust in the left in the machine and it contaminates the next substance.