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someone tell me how to keep up!!!!(7 posts)

someone tell me how to keep up!!!!vtecbike
Apr 10, 2002 10:23 AM
Hello all

Here's the scanerio
It's the Tuesday night local pukefest in the hills and I manage to hang on for about 5-10 minutes once the hammer drops. I blow up and have to ease off until my HR gets out of the stratosphere. Doing this ride week after week in my schedule hasn't seemed to significantly improve my fitness (based on last year's journal)
How do I get power to sustain a higher effort for a longer period of time---and build it throughout the rest of the season? Pyramid intervals? push a bigger gear at a lower cadence (75-80)?

HELP!!!!! I don't want to go all year getting spanked every Tuesday night!!!

Thanks for any input!!!
re: someone tell me how to keep up!!!!brider
Apr 10, 2002 10:52 AM
Try a test -- take one of those people who stays with the pack and do a ride with them side-by-side. Let them go as hard as they want. Can you keep up? If so, then it's not your strength that's lacking, but knowing WHERE to be in the pack. Pack skills are honed by doing, mostly. Where do you get the best draft? When can you back off some and not get shelled? How close can you comfortably draft (front and side)? These will improve with time, and you may need to get a little aggressive to improve them.

If you can't keep up? Then it's strength and/or power that's lacking. There is a thread further down the list that talked about power intervals, I suggest you look it over.

Maybe you can shed some light further on your situation -- where exactly are you being dropped? On the hill? In corners? When the pack accelerates? These are specific weaknesses that can be addressed very well through training, but the specific weakness has to be found.
re: someone tell me how to keep up!!!!vtecbike
Apr 10, 2002 2:28 PM
To answer your questions and shed some more light...
I believe hills are one of the problems
another--I can't rotate in a pace line at 25 mph+ for very long without getting popped
I usually get dropped on an aggressive hill---or a series of rollers--i can't recover between hills fast enough to stay with the pack--I feel ok about drafting--I get pretty good protection and am able with alot of effort to accelerate onto a wheel and stay within a few inches or a foot---my problem seems to be sustaining that high level of output for any length of time.
I seem to be able to ride at a HR of 165-175 for long periods of time---1 to 3 hours (estimated LT of 161), but I don't seem to do it very fast (23-26 mph on the flats)
I'm 6'1" at 164 lbs. around 4% bodyfat--not much weight left to lose...
I'll check out the post on power intervals...
Hills hey?LeGrimper
Apr 11, 2002 1:17 AM
It is always hard to give advice but it appears that you lack a bit of lactate tolerance as identified. If so train your weaknesses. Maybe the group you ride with is too strong for you?

If its racing, the pace line, then stay protected as long as possible, don't do any work and hold on until you can unleash your strength, whatever that may be.

Personally I only compete and let it all fly on the weekends, during the week I am carefully training alone, checking next weeks course profile and getting myself and the kit ready. Generally plotting and planning. Don't get me wrong I love the social but these usually break down into the "Look at me, Im flying!!!" and everyone chases.

I used to hammer with the lads but for the last few years I train alone and to be honest have wreaked the benefits, that said......

Hammer if it makes you happy.

gain some weightjstonebarger
Apr 12, 2002 8:11 AM
4% body fat is unnecessarily low. You won't have much strength if you're forever undernourished.
By the way, how do you come to that 4% figure?
gain some weightvtecbike
Apr 12, 2002 9:58 AM
Well, I've done the body fat test a couple of ways. Iv'e taken the electrial impeadance test, and I have also had the skin pull test done with the calipers hooked up to the computer at a local health club. Both tests were within one tenth of one percent--I'm just naturally very lean...
One year ago, I was testing at 5.4%--but I cut out the fast food and sodas....
Maybe I do need some more calories--i eat until I'm full at every meal, but I guess I'm not shoving enough in..
Apr 12, 2002 10:29 AM
Are you recovering between hammerfests? Could be that riding at their pace wears you out more than it does them, and you are still tired a bit by the next time.

Try taking a week off from riding with the group, do some recovery rides and some shorter intervals, and then get back with them and see if it changes anything.

For a while I rode with a very strong group, and their moderate pace was redlining me. That ride would waste me for an entire week. They trained appropriately during the week, but I was stuck in no-man's-land, too tired to train aggressively, but needing to improve. You may want to ride with them only every other week, or something like that and see what happens.

Remember, all your improvement occurs during recover, not the tear down.