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Food Poisioning...Frozen....Lost Count...Best Finish Yet!(4 posts)

Food Poisioning...Frozen....Lost Count...Best Finish Yet!BigLeadOutGuy
Apr 8, 2002 2:37 PM
Hey everyone!!
Just figured I would post my usual Post-Race Topic =)
Well I had quite the weekend...On friday at work I ate a half cooked chicken sandwich and didnt really realize it till halfway through...So you know what that means....FOOD POISIONING =(
Ugh...I was miserably sick friday night...all day saturday and into sunday morning. I was feeling pretty sucky on sunday morning for my race but after I woke up I figured i would give it a go....I drove to the the process I ended up rear ending the car in front of me which was bad in itself but I just gave the guy some money to get the scratches compounded out of his bumper...which cost me like 150 bucks =( But better than my insurance finding out =)
So after that fiasco I finally get to the race...feeling ungodly sick I roll out of my truck and find a place to launch my lunch...NOT PRETTY! After that I actually felt pretty ok...Neways race starts and the temperature is something like 20 or 30 degrees...totally freezing! After the first lap my fingers are already numb and I can barely shift but I figure its no bif thing...everyone else is as cold as I am =) The pace was feeling kinda slow so I decided to attack over the top of a climb and on the downhill, I figured the pack would follow...So I am hammering away I take a look over my shoulder and the pack is almost out of sight and there is only one rider behind me...I figure that hell work with me and open up a bigger gap but no dice...he just kept on my wheel. I decide to let up and the pack catches up...After a few laps of staying up front the Cat 1 or 2, maybe even masters (im not sure) come around to lap us...well they couldnt lap us and there ended up being a mix of categories racing together. Not a big deal but I wasnt paying attention to what lap we were on and a few riders attacked off the front so I decied to go too....but what I didnt realize was that this was the sprint to the finish and I was just kinda laying on the back taking it easy =( So it ends up that the race is over and I dont realize it till its too late and I didnt sprint to the finish...blah!!!
I ended up with a top 10 finish somewhere...I didnt stick around to find out exactly where I placed...I was a little angry at myself. But all things considered I rode pretty well and was happy with the was probably my better outing of the season thus far.
I hope everyone else did pretty well and had better luck than me this weekend =)
OH yeah, Im still sick with food poisioning..though i think its starting to I hafta take the day off from training. -sigh-
stay stoked =)
Apr 8, 2002 3:21 PM
Great Work BLG - sorry you are feeling so lousy!

I did a sub-hour 40k the day I left my breakfast in the parking lot. Like the old cliche says "what doesn't kill you..."

The experience to be able to count laps will come. In fact, with a race that scrambled (being lapped, fields mixing, etc.) it's hard even for experienced racers to keep count sometimes. Top 10 is no slouch, especially being as sick as you were.

You're probably a bad-weather specialist, as am I. Big bulky riders tend to suffer much less from the cold and wet than the skinny little ones do. I'd probably have gotten a top-10 if not a top 5 at the Roubaix had the predicted rain and 45 degree weather actually materialized. As it was, I passed 2 riders from my field who'd bonked, and I found out later they'd been in the lead group.
I guess I'll post about my experince this weekend...853
Apr 9, 2002 7:29 AM
This was my second crit race. I've done four races this year the first a time trial, the second was a crit,the third a MTB race @ sea otter, and sunday my second crit ever. I've been riding since Jan. of last year and this year I decided to start racing, (one of the reasons I got my bike). Anyways my first crit was horrible. I did not have the strength to hang w/ those guys and droped after 15 min. of a 30 min. race. So Sunday I was a little nervous and my goal was to just finish w/ the pack. It started way fast and thought I was going to crumble I just hung on with all my might and before I knew it, I got acustomed to the pace and felt very good. The last lap was prety nuts w/ everybody fighting for position. When it finaly came to the sprint I got stuck behind a couple of guys who just couldn't muster enough energy to sprint and I had to go around them and restart my sprint, I ended up passing alot of people and finished w/ the first cluster of riders.
I was so happy to just finish. Later on they posted the results and to my surprise I not only finished but ended up being 10th overall. I can't wait for the next one. Next time I'll try and get to the front of the pack earlier in the race. All the advise I've been reading is paying off, Lots of intervals and fast training races. By the way it was very cool seeing other people being dropped and a 240lb
5'10" fat A$$ hanging in there without a problem, it is slowly coming off, but getting rid of this weight will definetly make me faster.
Thanks everybody for all the advise.
Im A Suffer Specialist....Starve And Go Slow!BigLeadOutGuy
Apr 9, 2002 1:27 PM
Thanks LoneFront!
For some reason I always do much better when I am either fighting off a cold, have a minor injury or there is miserable weather. I should get sick more often! haha
I am feeling lots better today and probably going to go for a quick spin if the rain holds out if it doesnt...ill hit the trainer =)

853....dont worry about the weight coming off too quickly...Im 6`4`` 240 pounds and I usually try to starve myself to get down to 220 but my performance suffers greatly and I probably only ride at half my potential in this weight loss mode....dont sweat the whole weight thing...i think im faster when im bigger and I surely climb a hell of a lot dont beleive that if you weigh alot you cant climb...I can outclimb soooo many lighter and smaller riders...just train hard and race harder =)

stay stoked!