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overtraining dilemmaup_hiller
Apr 8, 2002 11:27 AM
My first MTB race is Sunday. I have been riding and running a good bit in preparation, but I really ramped it up over the last couple of days since the course was marked.

Now i think I may have crossed into overtraining. I rode fine Saturday, although harder than usual and for a longer distance. I woke up in the middle of the night, which is supposed to be a sign of overtraining, so I decided not to ride Sunday. then a buddy called and asked me to ride, so I went. We did a slow lap of the race course (he is a little out of shape), then after he left I did another lap and a half at race pace. I rode well, so I thought maybe the waking up thing was just a freak incident. Until it happened again (twice) last night. I also feel a little drained today.

Now I am stuck. I am pretty sure I have been overtraining (my body is in the big ring and can't slow down). So I should take today and rest; the problem is, the weather forecast for the next three days looks like crap. Do I just say "Screw it!" and ride today, or take the day off and do have only one good hard training ride on Friday before the race on Sunday?

I should mention I can do some work in the gym with circuit training/swimming/treadmill until the storms clear.

Thanks for any help.
happy trails!