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interval questionGall
Apr 6, 2002 12:25 PM
hello again,

i ve been doing hard intervals and since i live on hilly PA i tend to go to a big ole hill and do all of my short zone 5 intervals uphill. as for my cruise/steady state Z4 intervals I ve been doing 4 sets - 2 uphill and 2 on rolling or flat terrian.

is this a good thing or not? should I include some more flat intervals training? with all this climbing am i actually helping or hurting my flat/ rolling hill riding. i know you use different muscles for climbing then what you use for the flats.

oh heck i am not even sure what i am even trying to ask.... :-)

re: interval questionbrider
Apr 8, 2002 9:08 AM
Both flat AND downhill sprints are important to being a well rounded rider. You need that speed and spinning up a big gear to transfer it to a good finishing sprint.