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Haert Rate Trainingmaniac
Apr 3, 2002 3:02 AM
Have any of you followed "7 Weeks to the Perfect Ride" program? I am probably just not patient and or understanding the program enough but I always feel as though I should be training harder. The time on the bike seems reasonable it is just the intensity that I do not understand.

Carpe Diem
re: Haert Rate TrainingJames Curry
Apr 3, 2002 10:45 AM
Yes I did, and I was pleased. I was doing it though in the Winter as a base program. Did the Beginner and intermediate back-to-back which provided me with a good platform for intervals right now (April).

Very important thing though! DO THE TEMPO RIDES. Do them on the road, not on a trainer. They, in my opinion, are the key to bridging the gap between your base training and your interval training. I think they really do bolster the joints and connective tissue.

Once you have a base I would do my own thing with the intervals, and not try and follow any specific program. Remember, what works for lance doesn't necessarily work for everyone. I think the point of the section titled "Expand Your Repetoir" is to imply independence to one's workouts, especially where interval and Sprint training are concerned.

That's my two cents, open for suggestions and/or corrections
Basicly Agreeallervite
Apr 3, 2002 2:55 PM
I think the HR monitor is great for base work and tempo work, but other than that, I do not like to use it. I think a focus on power is more important once you have a base. My basic argument is this: I can ride hard at a cadence of 110 and feel aerobicly tired, but have fairly fresh legs. I can ride very hard at a cadence of 60 and have tired legs, but be fairly fresh aerobicly.

The HR monitor would tell me that the second workout was not hard enough, but my legs and my psyche (CNS) say something very different.

My coach, who is a much better rider than me, disagrees with me.