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Sea Otter Highlightsallervite
Mar 26, 2002 12:33 PM
Just got back from one hell of an event. Lost a lot of fitness, but had a lot of fun.


Men's pro MTB race. After Roland Green and Brentjens finished alone in first and second respectively, Ryder Hesjedal and Philip Meirhaege ride by me at a relatively easy pace. They were on the finishing circuit of the Laguna Seca Raceway. Ryder says to Philip, "No sense trying to take off cause I aint getting fourth." They then start swerving all over the track, slowing, accelerating, jockeying for position just like a couple of match sprinters. Ryder attacks just before the finishing straight and gets a big gap of about 30 meters. Philip puts his head down and starts winding up the pace. Just before the finish they were neck and neck sprinting like mad. Philip pipes him at the line. Ryder gets fourth.

Genvieve Jeanson attacks the first time up the big climb and stays away almost an entire lap. Saturn methodicly chased her down and leaves her behind. Genvieve looses the race and the GC. She should not have gone so early, she should have sat up and tried to recover when she realized her break was doomed. Her Directeur is an idiot as far as I am concerned. When asked by a reporter why she went so hard when her attack was clearly doomed she replied that it was to punish herself for not being in shape. I was driving the Commisaire, and at one time we rode up to her to give her a split time. She was suffering so badly, but never relented. She is a freakin bad ass rider.