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Where's my sprint?(3 posts)

Where's my sprint?eschelon
Mar 25, 2002 2:00 PM
Last summer I was able to sprint just under 40 mph...I just tried some sprint drills yesterday and I was dieing at just under 30 mph and couldn't go past 30 mph even if was offered a million dollars for it. Just like a good boy, I didn't do any intensity training all winter...I'm really hoping that since I have put 1 year of serious training under my belt with some serious base miles done, I will be a true bad a55 this year. I hope I can get my sprint back to last years level in the next month and then go beyond that by the middle of summer for my A races.

Any of you fellow brethren going through the same thing now?
re: Where's my sprint?NYnorm
Mar 26, 2002 7:15 AM
Are you sure? Is your computer not functioning properly?
You might have been having a bad doesn't sound right. You're telling me that you were sprinting consistently just under 40mph (which is damn good...good enough to win plenty of Cat. 3/4 races)to not even hitting 30mph!!(I don't know the math, but I think you can hit 30mph in a 53x16@100rpm....I've hit 30mph+ in the small chainring).

If you're saying you can't get to 30mph, you've got alot of work to do...don't expect to improve to near 40mph within a month!!. Moverover, there's the law of diminishing returns. For example, you may improve from 30 to 35 relatively quickly, say 3-4 months...but improving from 40 to 41 may take years or you may never even achieve that level.

Maybe you're not ready for big gear sprints yet. In sprinting you need speed (leg speed) and power. But leg speed always comes first... without leg speed, you can never achieve your potential top end speed. Work on max rpm before max mph.

I'm hoping to get my sprint consistently over 38mph (under normal conditions, no leadout) by summer. I love sprinting and I'm not necessarily build like a sprinter (154lbs 5'10)It also helps to have a workout partner who can sprint better than you that little extra motivation. I still have alot of work to do....still sprint training in low gears.

There's hope for both of us....the racing season has just begun.
I confess. I stole it from you...nigel
Mar 26, 2002 9:24 AM
...when you left it outside the 7 Eleven for a minute or two. I'm SO much faster now!! Catch me if you can!

Kidding. What you're experiencing isn't uncommon. Without use, the muscle fibers and technique used in sprinting take some time to reacquire. By mid spring, you should have your...well...spring back. Do sprint workouts (once a week) where you dedicate the day's ride to proper sprint technique and proper recovery between these efforts. It's happened to me, too. Don't fear; just retrain that effort!