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Mar 25, 2002 10:00 AM
Anyone out there use e-caps enduro caps or race caps? The company (who also makes hammergel) has this to say:

ENDURO CAPS helps maximize oxygen use at the cellular level, which will allow you to enjoy a substantial decrease in lactic acid burn, fatigue, post-workout soreness, and an increase in muscle efficiency and anaerobic threshold…enhanced endurance!
RACE CAPS works at the cellular level to give you the consistent, reliable, long-lasting endurance benefits you're looking for. This is simply the most potent, highest quality formula an endurance athlete can use.

Key ingredient in Race Caps is coenzymeQ10 which I hear is of questionable benefit.

Key ingredient in Enduro Caps is CytochromeC (which I never heard of) but the company says "It is a key substrate in creating the proper pH within the mitochondria (and the utilization of oxygen) in the creation of ATP"

Any nutritionists out there?
prolly BSColnagoFE
Mar 25, 2002 1:34 PM
If you eat a balanced diet I don't think you need these. CQ10 is not going to make much of a diff...if you wanna try it just go to GNC and get the generic equivalent. If you notice on these claims they always have the disclaimer to the effect that these claims have not been validated by the FDA...basically they could claim that these will make you grow a tail and as long as they put that disclaimer they won't get sued.
to confusinglongfellow68
Mar 26, 2002 8:47 AM
I looked at the formula for road cyclists. Holy crap. Who can remember all that stuff. They have a pill for everything.
More pills=more money?
It gave me a headache looking over their plan and how much it would cost to see the affects after a couple of months.

They need one for Sunday morning hangovers.
Sunday morning hangoversColnagoFE
Mar 27, 2002 8:44 AM
Best thing I've found is about 4 ibuprofens and some really strong cytomax...couple of glasses double strength should do it. Then keep drinking water and get something really filling for breakfast like a bacon cheddar omelette with all the fixins! ;)
Sunday morning hangoverssbear
Mar 30, 2002 2:28 PM
If you can eat a bacon cheddar omelette with all the fixins then you most certainly are not hung over. At least by my standards.
hah! probably true. (nm)ColnagoFE
Apr 1, 2002 8:17 AM
Who's 'Confusing'? (nm)shirt
Mar 28, 2002 11:57 AM
re: e-caps?GV
Mar 29, 2002 8:23 PM
I have used E-caps for a few years during race season and I can always feel a difference when I start back on at about this point in the season. the Q10 and vit e in race Caps are great antioxidants also. I think if you compare the strength of the race caps with GNC the GNC is about 2x the cost. The products that E-caps have that I really like are the sustained energy and hammer gel. The cosistency of the gel is perfect for racing not like shooting frosting. The sustained energy is perfect for long rides. There is no sugar only complex carbs so no spikes. As you can tell they are one of my sponsors. I can get you 25% off your first order if you want to try them. Just send me an e-mail and I will give the info for you to enter in the web site