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Great Crit at Cannery Row, EXCEPT...(2 posts)

Great Crit at Cannery Row, EXCEPT...Roxy
Mar 22, 2002 8:08 AM
Chris Horner got robbed!! Jeez, he pulled the frickin' pack for the last 20 laps and had been leading a five guy breakaway for a long time before that! And where were the rest of the Prime Alliance guys?? Sucking wheels in the back of the main field!!

I know it's all about strategy, and saving the last bean for when it counts - but if there was anyone that deserved that win, it was him!!
Chris was not trying to win that Crit. . . .allervite
Mar 26, 2002 1:38 PM
Yea, if the chance would have presented itself, he would have taken it, but he was just staying near the front to protect his position in the General Classification. He was also riding on the front to stay out of any crashes and he just plain likes it up there.

He went in that break early to force the pace and try to take the legs out of all those lead out guys which worked fantasticly.

If he wanted to win the crit he would have sat in until 3/4 through the race, than he would have started with the flyers.

He did not win the crit, he contolled it. So in a sense, he did win that crit. He also won the GC for the Sea Otter.