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Anybody else racing Sea Otter tomorrow?(3 posts)

Anybody else racing Sea Otter tomorrow?gregg
Mar 21, 2002 3:39 PM
First time racing on the road in about 4 years and I find myself hoping it will rain to keep the field smaller. Not in shape, and haven't been training, not a very good situation I've dug myself into!

Opinions? How's the road course? Help!!

re: Anybody else racing Sea Otter tomorrow?ciclista
Mar 21, 2002 11:06 PM
Not to be pessimistic thinks the road course is muy hard for one that isn't in shape, one killer climb then lots o' rollers. If your goal is to just finish the race to get you going this season go for it. I've been considering doing the circuit race instead of the road (not easy either but shorter)Guess I still have a few hours to decide...
Thanks for the warning....gregg
Mar 25, 2002 7:23 PM
...actually, I didn't do too bad (well, I avoided D.F.L. anyway!) I gotta say the road course wasn't as hard as I was expecting. A lot of short climbs, short decents, and then level with one fairly long climb back into the infield. By no means easy, just not as tough as I was fearing.

The real killer is the fact that I hadn't ridden more than 24 miles for the past two months!! Senior 5 was 38 miles, and I was sufferin' on the last lap, last climb for sure.

Did you race, ciclista?