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Post-Race power outputJames Curry
Mar 20, 2002 10:42 AM

I had my best 10K yet this past Sunday! But today is Wednesday and my legs are still tight. So I figure usually I am spinning about 140-150 Watts on the trainer at my base pace, but these past two days I have been barely breaking 100 Watts and having great difficulty keeping my HR down! The only reason I am skeptical to say I am tired is because I have heard that when you're tired your HR is reluctant to rise at all! This is not the case. My HR rises fine, but the resultant power output is much lower. So the next logical question is, is that muscle damage, or just muscle fatigue? How long should I anticipate it to last?
Is it possible that...Kyle
Mar 21, 2002 9:49 AM
your legs are so tight that there is substantially increased force needed just to turn them, regardless of the trainer's resistance? Perhaps, because of your soreness, your pedaling efficiency is off? Maybe a little of both?

Another thing to check is the trainer itself. I also have one that reads power, and find that it is very sensitive to press-on force/calibration values/tire pressure.

Also remember that HR is sensitive to things like body position and temperature. Are you sitting up more because you're just spinning? Has it gotten hotter recently?

Just guesses--but I thought I'd offer them. Congrats on your 10K.
ThanksJames Curry
Mar 21, 2002 10:04 AM
Yeah, I am excited about that I dropped 4 minutes off my old time! Pretty happy! Went for a ride Wednesday and I do think it's the trainer. I did nothing over 130 b.p.m. and actually rode very well and quickly. While I am certain that my legs were tired, I think the trainer magnet is either messed up, or I should disregard the power rating alltogether! I ONLY use it for base and recovery on rainy days anyway!