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Question on Interval TrainingJames Curry
Mar 19, 2002 11:01 AM
I just started my interval training last Saturday. I start the season with Decreasing intervals. Found it very difficult to just JUMP into it! First I was having trouble keeping 180 and it made me feel like puking. Here's the format: go Two minutes, rest two minutes, go 1.5, rest 1.5, 1 rest 1, 30, rest 30. Anyway, I do two sets of these about 15 minutes apart. Now 180 is over my LT for sure, but the strange thing is the second set is always easier than the first set. Half way through the second set I have no Problem hitting high 180's and even 190's. The whole exercise is maybe 2 hours with base riding on both ends of about 30-45 minutes.

My question is this:

Seldom in a race does one have such a margin to allow his/her HR to acclamate to the high intensity. So how do I give my Heart the ability to interval high right from the gate, as would be necessary in a fast circuit race ir Crit?
re: Question on Interval Trainingbrider
Mar 19, 2002 1:37 PM
You need to do some good jumps (though not to the duration you outlined) in your warm up for the race. Much more critical in a crit than a road race.
Could be too much, too soon.ChrisA
Mar 20, 2002 1:08 PM
When you say you just started your interval training, what had you been doing up to that point? How many base miles did you do and how much tempo did you do prior to the intervals? I usually need alot of base miles in zones 1&2. I also do tempo rides in zone 3. I usually start doing the tempo rides half way into the base phase, increasing the amount of time in zone 3. The intensity rides I do start with intervals that approach LTHR.
DecemberJames Curry
Mar 21, 2002 11:28 AM
Marked my first month of Base, starting out with 1.5 hour rides twice, Saturday and Sunday, with three trainer base rides 45 minutes each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Still weight training at this point).

January saw those weekend rides expand into like 2 and later 3 hour BASE ONLY rides, which is really hard around here w/all the hills.

February started a little group riding and Tempo. Started out with like 5 minutes between 156-163. Now I am doing Tempo for 40 minutes at or just below 170's and significantly faster!

Incorporating one full week of Active recovery during each month here, I am now into my third month of Training (MArch). Started Hill intervals like early march, 177, now I am starting flat intervals 180+.

I don't count miles, only hours. Still doing Base during the week with some Tempo, but really focussing my time on Saturdays on the Intervals. Sunday is another endurance ride (if not a training race). 3 hours with some low cadence stretching exercises, and a few small sprints. 95% of the Sunday ride is at 140 though (if not a training race).

I am meticulous about keeping track of my training and have WATCHED my body lean up, strengthen, and ultimately the speed has gone up slowly over three months! I don't know, you tell me, am I not putting a proper foundation on? Still TOO SOON for Intervals? The training races are almost over! WHat's after that? Chris Farley would call it 'Go Time!'