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Back From The Dead!(25 posts)

Back From The Dead!BigLeadOutGuy
Mar 17, 2002 9:57 AM
Hey All!!
I havent posted on here for awhile...Just wanted to see how everyones training or racing is going...Mine is going ok...this northeast winter-spring weather is killing me...its waaaaaaaay matter what gloves I wear my fingers go numb 4 miles into my race and just get worse and worse till I can barely shift...pretty sucky. It was another wonderful 20 degree morning today too =(
Oh well...could be lots worse!
well, Just wanted to say hi and keep at it!!
Good Luck All
hey, welcome back BLG!!lonefrontranger
Mar 17, 2002 12:38 PM
As far as racing, the first crucial race of the Front Range season isn't until two weeks from now. I'm really preparing for it, and hope all goes well. I'm doing a "throwaway" crit on the 23rd for prep and speedwork, don't care how I do, and will probably domestique for my teammates.

Training wise we're coming together pretty well. The women's team I race for met at a 3/4ths vacant office park today and did crit race simulations. There's a good .8 mile loop with several tough corners, so the racing simulations were 5 laps of pure hell with 3 laps recovery in between.

We had good distribution of riders, so we broke it up with the Cat 4 squad vs. the Cat 2/3's, 3 on 3. I just have to brag and say the Cat 4 squad (mine) executed _far_ better tactics, hence we wiped the road with our Cat 2/3 teammates 2 out of 2 times. We're fortunate to have a 1st year 4 who's full of natural talent and will probably be the best leadout rider on the team, but it's still nice to pull it over on gals with the strength and experience to ride faster with one leg tied behind their back. It helped that they were all chasing me around trying to block me in, thinking I was the designated leader when I wasn't (keep 'em guessing).

Hope everyone else's season is coming together too!
Mar 17, 2002 1:43 PM
if you ever get the itch, come down to south carolina and hang for a week or so! it was 75 yesterday and about 70 today. i got sunburnt. the community here is relatively friendly (you'll quickly find out who to steer clear of!) and between myself and the others, i'm sure there's a spare bed to crash in for a week! stay warm!
re: Back From The Dead!flyinbowlofmilk
Mar 17, 2002 6:17 PM
One warm sunny day riding and one wet day riding. Learn how to clean the bikes chain. Waiting on my racing team Jersey. And I am still building up my base mileage,hopefully up to 1,000 miles by my first Race. Looking forward to the learning curve of Road racing. And getting better at holding my line when riding with the group.
re: Back From The Dead!shirt
Mar 17, 2002 7:21 PM
Had my first race of the season yesterday and actually won. Masters 35+ 4/5, field: 62 (getting bigger and bigger!), cold, and dreary in Sacramento.

That's your man shirt crossing the line first... :-)

woohoo shirt!lonefrontranger
Mar 17, 2002 7:34 PM
you got 'em by a mile. Did you attack into the last corner, or just outsprint the field by that much?

I wanna know. Can I rub your belly for luck? My first crit is next week? ;-)
woohoo shirt!shirt
Mar 17, 2002 9:14 PM
Well, neither. The race pace was really high and I sat on the back the whole time gleefully watching my HR sit about 20 beats lower than usual (a new tactic for me; still learning how not to be an aggressor/initiator). There was only one 'corner' on the course, and that about 400m before the start/finish you see here. For some reason, everybody got really nervous and slowed down, bunched up and got cowardly at that point. The pack also shoved itself right up to the right side of the course in an anti-echelon move (wind from the left). I was in the very middle of that pack and decided to force my way out to the left (from my pov, not the photo's). I drifted all the way to the far left, even into the gutter, waited a second to make sure nobody thought I was attacking, then attacked.

In the picture I've drifted back towards the right. I was actually in mid weave at that point, convinced that I was trailing a stream of howling 30-something's actively fighting off mid-life crises.

If I have any skill at all, it's the ability to go from ~20 mph to ~37 really fast. Can't sustain it, but if I time it just right I get this human-bungee-cord-returning-to-it's-natural-position feeling that hasn't seemed to disappear much with age (I'm 36.)

If I don't time it just right, as was the case today (6th place and a prime), I lose out.

Here's yours truly on the podium (Hey Allervite, like my kit? :-) )
the human bungee cordlonefrontranger
Mar 17, 2002 10:32 PM
yeah, that's called being an excellent snap sprinter. If your limit is about 250 yards, then that's probably what your specialty is. 37mph ain't shabby. I only get that on my crit bike, with my Zipps on, going downhill in a tailwind.


Yep. Ain't it grand when it all finally goes right? I've had a few of those - totally bugeyed scrambling oxygen-deprived panic because I'm positive I'd gone too early, mistimed the line, and was providing a free ride to every last godforsaken rider in the field on my rapidly decelerating wheel - finally take a peek when I cross... hey, wait... where'd everybody go?!

I have yet in ten years of racing to own a photo of me crossing the line in a win looking victorious, or frankly anything much short of knackered and/or ready to puke. I live for the day when I have the confidence and sheer chutzpah to do a nice leisurely check over the shoulder, zip up and "V" for victory.
lonefrontranger--You're a 4?!!RockyMountainRacer
Mar 18, 2002 12:26 PM
Lonefrontranger--you may have just done irreparable harm to my confidence going into this season! I also race in Colorado (I'm in Denver), and I will by trying my first cat 4 road races this year. I'm doing the Stazio and Excel crits in Boulder, then Carter Lake. Anyway, I am just pretty worried that someone who knows so much about training and has obviously been doing it for a long time is a 4. How many hours do you train a week? I've been logging about 10 hours on the bike, 125 miles a week average since January. Do you think this is enough to be competitive with the mens cat 4's in CO? I was a Sport level mtb racer last year, all top 20 finishes with 1 top-ten (so yeah not so great but it was my first year, at least I skipped beginner!) This will be my first foray into road racing. My roadie friends tell me that cat 4's in CO are more equivalent to expert mtbers. What do you think? I'm just glad my girlfriend races collegiate and won't have to go against you as a 4!
probably a lazy sandbagging one if you ask my competition...lonefrontranger
Mar 18, 2002 1:57 PM
I've been racing for 10 years. My first 3 years were racing against men. No upgrade points there, although I could have upgraded on merit. Spent several years variously injured, sick or just too fat to get out of my own way. Then I started coaching and managing a team, and traveling widely around the U.S. racing - there wasn't a big incentive to upgrade and do Women's Pro/1/2/3 cat at events like Tour de Toona, Athens and SuperWeek when I was getting my butt kicked just fine by the national-level 4 fields. Most if not all of USCF events in the Midwest are either Open Women, or split Pro/1/2/3 then Cat 4 anyhow, so it effectively makes women Cat 3 a "dead" category. There's no incentive. Although our local official who'd worked with us as race promoters and had known me for years was getting pretty adamant that I'd better upgrade or move.

I figured upgrading right before I moved to Boulder was a pretty poor decision. I'm glad now that I waited. I'm under contract by my current team to upgrade by the end of the season, so I can't hide anymore.

And yes, the Cat 4 ACA racers out here are equivalent to the Cat 3 (and some Cat 2) USCF guys back in the Cincy/Indy/Louisville region I used to race in. Don't let it harm your confidence though; if you're doing that well in Colorado as a Sport you'll have plenty of fitness. And it depends on what you mean by "competitive", as my only goal last year was to finish in the field in Women's 4 races, and it took me half a season just to accomplish that.

For what it's worth, I'm a Sport on the MTB. If your girlfriend is Collegiate A, I'll be racing in the Women's 3/4/Collegiate A field next Saturday at the CU crit (Stazio again).
sandbaggers unite?rollo tommassi
Mar 19, 2002 9:42 AM
Totally agree Lonefrontranger - there is no incentive to move up in category, by and large. I joke that I'm a "professional Cat 4"! My first ever USCF race was an Open category, and in the front row was Marianne Berglund!

By the way, I'm dying to know who you are! I'm convinced that we've met. I too, raced in the Cincy area in the early 90's, but primarily have raced in Illinois/Wisconsin over the past dozen years.

Me? Anne Barnes, Alberto's Sport (Queen City Wheels in Cincy)
sandbaggers unite?lonefrontranger
Mar 19, 2002 12:09 PM
Your name is very familiar, as is the Alberto's handle. I remember seeing Alberto's guys at most of our bigger regional events (OH/KY/IN). You race the Snake Alley/Quad Cities races in Iowa, don't you? I wanted to go this year, but our team is committed to Platte Bridge that same weekend (Wyoming). I did them in '97, '99 and 2000.

In the early 90's I raced against QCW and the Dodd's Jeweler's teams for DCC/Huffy (only woman DCC racer for the most part). I mostly raced on a Giant Cadex POS. If you did Cyclebration, the Kentuckiana spring series and the Miami Valley Stage Race, you probably raced against me. Did you know Jen Dial before she got good and left town? I'm her evil twin: same height, same haircut and attitude, 20 lbs heavier and many factors of magnitude slower. We both rode for the DCC in '93-'94.

I did Tour de Hall many years in a row, SuperWeek in '96 and '98, and raced in Indianapolis a fair amount in the early years. Did you do the 3 Rivers Velosport / Ft. Wayne King of the Road stage race in 2000? (the year it was a LAJORS event). Those were the biggest women's fields I'd ever seen prior to moving to Boulder. If you did that race, I'm the one who gave the promoter $100 to split the Open Women's field into 1/2 - 3/4 fields, because there were over 50 of us and riders like Bonnie Breeze, Lisa Mason and the Canadian national team were there.

My boyfriend and I promoted the Cincinnati Spring Series from 1997 through 2000, so we were there at every race.

I'm Beth Jordan, currently with Boulder Women's CT. Midwest teams were DCC/Huffy; Indy Women's Hospital; Bishop's/Trek/Kenda and Pedro's (MTB only).
Wow! I knew it!rollo tommassi
Mar 19, 2002 6:23 PM
I DO remember the lone DCC rider!!! Funny you mention Jen Dial and Bonnie Breeze - I first met Bonnie at school in Athens OH, and met Jen out East. I too, am many magnitudes slower than they!

I confess that I've never made it to the Moline Weekend, but I did enjoy the Miami Valley Stage Race and Cyclebration events. Back then I would have been riding a white Trek 660 (a bike two sizes to big for me!). Sorry to say I didn't get a chance to do the Cincy Spring Series, especially as there was a crit in my home village - Mariemont! (what was the course, do you remember?)

Superweek in '98 I was on a red Serotta. You may remember other Albertos women racing - Elaine and Ellen - but they were 2's and way faster than me.

great to 'meet' you again, - and if you find yourself in or around Chicago, let me know!

The Mariemont courselonefrontranger
Mar 19, 2002 7:40 PM
If you're a crit aficionado, you probably would have loved it. People loved it or hated it, and I heard a lot of raves both ways :-) I designed that course personally, and won it twice, once in a downpour. 7 corners with a 170, narrow as heck, flat as a tennis court, with high granite curbs itching to eat collarbones. I forget the names of the streets, but it was on the south side of Rt. 50 in the ultra-posh section of town (as opposed to the merely fancy ones), went past the fire station & courthouse, and down the central boulevard past that little park with the big stone wisteria arbor that overlooked the river. We always got phenomenal photos from that race because the houses are so gorgeous and the spring flowers were at their peak in late April/ early May when we held it.

The folks in Mariemont were incredible. We never had so many spectators at any of our other events or less hassle obtaining permits. The mayor himself rode an old Schwinn cruiser in the "parent's cruiser classic" unofficial ride (which somehow always turned into a race). We did a kid's fun race for the community every year, and almost 80 kids showed up, even on the year it rained.

I'm positive I've seen you now, and I do remember the Alberto's women at SuperWeek! Kristin Saunders-Culwick (Montgomery Cyclery) raced that year too. She and I were typically the only 2 women from Cincy who ever traveled to races.

If you ever get the urge to do something utterly nuts like Ride the Rockies, drop me a line: - we've been host house to several of our Midwestern bike racer pals vacationing in the Rockies.


lonefrontranger and other Boulder/Denver racersmtber
Mar 19, 2002 2:37 PM
Do you think it makes sense to do a crit for my 1st road race? I was planning on making the Roubaix my 1st race, but what do you think about the CU crit next week? BTW I will be racing women's CAT3 - will we be in with the Pro/1/2s?
I wouldnt but it's your callColnagoFE
Mar 19, 2002 3:12 PM
Have you done much group riding--race training? If not a road race or hill climb has a much less steep learning curve and less chances for crashes. Roubaix would not be bad 1st race if you are confortable riding on gravel though I've never done the new course by the rez--seem to think it might have some more twists and turns than the old Roubaix course...
here's what you should *really* dolonefrontranger
Mar 19, 2002 7:13 PM
go to The same Stazio crit course occurs this coming Saturday the 23rd, and it's Women 3/4 and Collegiate A combined. As a Cat 3 you'll be fine and probably kick my ass. I gave our rookie 4 the same advice. Because it's non-ACA event, there's a possibility the fields may be smaller (though I doubt that at this point), and it doesn't mean anything for the annual points. And that course is an OK one for a first crit course. Hard enough to force you to learn stuff, but not so psycho that you'll freak out in the corners. Don't try to pedal through the super-fast downhill corner (it's got a high inside) and you'll do fine.

This is an USCF race, so you'll have to buy a 1-day, but it's worth it to do as a test event / throwaway race, etc... The Roubaix will have a separate Women's 3. Otherwise yes, at the Stazio and Excel crits, on the 6th and 13th of April respectively (both on the same course at Stazio, a recurring nightmare for 3 weeks straight!) I do believe you will be in a Women's 1/2/3 field, and last year Clara Hughes and Alison Dunlap showed up. Dede Demet-Barry will probably race Stazio too. Michael Barry won it last year, so it's a sure bet she'll at least be there watching. She's "officially" retired, but lives in Louisville and just loves to be the spoiler at events she can ride to after her morning latte.
See you there hopefullyBipedZed
Mar 20, 2002 7:20 AM
I'm racing the Cat 4 race at 11am and then see if I can talk an official into letting me race with the 3s at 3:30 since I'm a few points from upgrading. If not, then I'll try to go out for a nice 2 hour ride around Boulder. Know of any good routes from the Stazio complex?
route infolonefrontranger
Mar 20, 2002 12:17 PM
If you don't mind being held up by us, John says he'd like to do a ride, and I could do some easy tempo after the race. Your race isn't that much later than mine (mine is at 9.30), so we can all meet and leave from Stazio together, then you'd have some local guides.

If you aren't up for easy tempo, or the logistics don't work, there's always the tried-and-true roads. Take 63rd north all the way to Nelson, Nelson west to 36, 36 to 66, east on 66, turn south onto 75th, ride through Hygiene, come back down to the Diagonal, jump back on 63rd going south, and follow it back into Stazio. Or you can scan out parts of the Roubaix course if you're planning on doing that; it's different this year.

Hope to see you there. I'll be on the Morgul; it's teal and lavender with yellow Vittorias on the Zipps; can't miss it. We don't have our BWCT uniforms yet, so I'll probably be otherwise incognito.
Orange and blue creamsicleBipedZed
Mar 20, 2002 1:36 PM
Sounds like an excellent plan. I'd really like to check out the Roubaix course on Saturday. If you and John aren't up for that perhaps you could point me in the right direction, but regardless I'm up for a nice easy ride after racing.

I'm riding for Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark this year. We just got our new clothing so I'll be in blue shorts and an orange jersey with the sponsor names plastered over everything. VERY noticeable.

Good luck on Saturday!
Mar 21, 2002 7:45 AM
Hey lonefrontranger, looks like I'll be doing that CU crit on Saturday as well. My girlfriend won't have to race against you because she's doing the B race at 8:45. She was going to do A's untill I showed her some of your earlier postings, and now she's too scared! Naw, she just thinks she'd get dropped by the A's this early in the season (She did the typical Jan Ullrich move over the winter--porked up on pastries and pies). I think I'll probably do the cat 5 race at the 8:00 AM crack of dawn start time, that will be fun though because a whole bunch of kids I went to college with are racing the collegiate B's and we get to go together. It will be fun to race against those guys. So anyway, if you local folks are doing a longer ride after the race, do you mind if about 6 college kids tag along?
she should do the A race anywaylonefrontranger
Mar 21, 2002 10:59 AM
Is she going for collegiate points or placing on the nationals team? Even if not, the only way to get better is to test yourself against better riders. If she has the option, I think she should try the faster cat, unless she's positive that she'll get all the challenge she needs from the B race.

As for me, I won't be surprised or disappointed if I get shelled. This is training / throwaway for me, and I'll be working for my Cat 3 teammates, fried from the final week of hard ramp-up before tapering for the Roubaix, or both. Plus that course doesn't really favor me all that much.

I'll be glad to meet you all there. If you don't mind hanging out to wait for us, I personally don't mind folks tagging along, as long as we don't become a traffic nuisance; the drivers can be rather pushy on the main roads, although we will primarily be riding on the dirt secondaries and in Boulder Res itself. Which brings up a good point - we're doing Roubaix reconnaisance, so everyone who goes should be prepared and mentally ready to ride road bikes on dirt for extended periods of time. Bring beater wheels if you got 'em, and plenty of spare tubes.

Good luck on Saturday if I don't catch up with you!
she should do the A race anywayRockyMountainRacer
Mar 21, 2002 11:39 AM
Well, she got 8th in nationals for the B category last year at Air Force. So she is definitely doing the race to get points for the nationals this year, which are in Maine or Vermont. Some rainy New England place anyway. Her goal was to race A's this year, but she studied abroad in Australia for 6 months and got really out of shape. So she's planning on just doing B's again now. I think. Anyway, none of us are doing the roubaix, so if you folks are scouting that course, we probably won't wait for you. I printed out your directions from a previous thread, so we will probably just ride that route. Good luck in your race, and try not to suffer too much! I will be carefull with the "crash 5's." Jeez, I can't wait till mountain biking starts...
be very afraidColnagoFE
Mar 19, 2002 9:43 AM
There are also cat 5s out here so if you've never raced you'll probably race 5s though not sure how they are categortizing Stazio/Excel this year...4s in some races are the lowest, but not always. Early in the season you get a good mix of Expert class MTB riders racing in 5s and they usually shell you. Just go in it to have fun. Don't expect to win or even place but if it happens then more power to you. Stazio is a fun crit. Not too technical and fast. I value my skin so I stay away from crits--only race a few times, but the Carter lake race is a blast. Another good late season one I usually do is the Mt. Evans hillclimb.
Very Nice!allervite
Mar 26, 2002 3:36 PM
I saw a few of those jerseys at the Sea Otter!