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Heart Rate Monitor Problems? Look Up!(2 posts)

Heart Rate Monitor Problems? Look Up!James Curry
Mar 14, 2002 1:33 PM
For my Winter Schedule I was driving into work very early in the morning, hopping on my bike and getting onto the local trail for a nice hour or so of easy base riding. Everytime I crossed a particular section of the trail my HR monitor started to fade in and out of reception. I thought perhaps it was the weather-No. Then I thought I was wearing too much clothing-no. Not that either. I couldn't figure out why my HRM was acting so funny only on this particular trail. Was there some Bermuda Triangle deal right there on the trail or what?

About a week ago I realized what it was. It was a very dry morning, and absolutley no wind! It still was cool though. I arrived to the usual section of trail, and sure-enough the HRM started gettin' squirrely on me.

The answer was standing right above me, a standard 25 feet off the ground. I finally realized that there were these huge power lines right above me, and I was passing one of the many sub-stations along this trail!

All those years of Physics suddenly came right back to me, about how a dry cold atmosphere was more conducive to static electric build-up! And there is significant voltage loss to the atmosphere when ever a current is carried through a long line. Yes. My HRM is affected by power lines.

More to the point this is one of those converted Rail-to-trails paths that offered the Utility industry low-cost property to run lines over. Turns out most of the Trail is overshadowed by these powerlines, and on a very dry day, I can't maintain a signal at all!

Has anyone else experienced this?
Thought it was interesting.
re: Heart Rate Monitor Problems? Look Up!allervite
Mar 15, 2002 10:05 AM
Yup! Have had interference with other people's monitors and from wireless cyclocomputers too.