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Base training, the correct result? (Long, quite long)(2 posts)

Base training, the correct result? (Long, quite long)Wannabe
Mar 8, 2002 8:36 AM
A little background first. Though I’ve been recreational riding for many years, I only became fairly serious the end of last summer. Prior to last summer, I did not do any proper “base training,” I’d just go out and ride. Then, at the end of last summer, I started riding with the local club. On the club rides, I’d just be hanging on for dear life, and my heart rate would show it! Generally, for the entire ride my HR would be above 178! I saw during one particularly grueling period (and wondering what in the world I was doing with these folks) a high of 192bpm. As I am just a recreational rider, I have not had any physiology test to determine my actual max HR so I do not have that to offer, but for perspective, I turn 30 this summer and weigh 140lbs at 5’7”.

Now, as one of my resolutions this year was to become a “fit” cyclist (subjective, I know), I decided to put in weeks of base training (boring here in the frozen north). For 7 weeks I rode 5days/week on the trainer for an hour keeping my HR below 150 and cadence 85-95rpm.

2 weeks ago I started adding “intervals” to my workouts. For example, yesterday I did a 45min workout that in the middle, had 3 intervals of 3 minutes each of a “near-max effort” with the Minoura trainer on maximum resistance and turning a 42x14 at about 78rpm. By the end of the three minutes, my heart rate would hit 180-181bpm but no higher. During the three minute rest in between I’d spin the easiest gear on the bike on the easiest resistance level. At the end of the three minute rest my HR would be 132-135bpm. Then the next “interval,” at the end of which I’d hit the same 180-181bpm. Same 132-135bpm at the end of the next rest period. I tried to put forth maximum effort during my “intervals.” My legs, lungs HURT! Jaw was on the floor and sweat dripping all over my bike! I do not think I could have gone physically any harder. During the last interval, I actually went a little long because I wanted to see if I could get my HR any higher. Could not.

My question is why could I only get my HR up to the 180-181bpm? This must be a result of my “base training” but I still figured I’d be able to get my HR higher than that. I know I am already getting in much better shape than last year as I notice riding the trainer in a much higher gear/resistance than last year at the same HR. Maybe it’s a mental thing on the trainer… We need some warm weather so I can ride outside…

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Andy - Wannabe
re: Base training, the correct result? (Long, quite long)mixinbeatz
Mar 8, 2002 11:11 AM
It is always a lot easier for me to get my heart rate up when I am outside. In fact, it goes up so much higher than on my trainer, I quit wearing my heartrate monitor. I was paranoid that with my heart rate so high I thought I was going to blow up on the team rides. I don't know why this happens, doing intervals outside I can easily (well painfully) hit 95% of max, while inside I am about 90% with the same pain. I don't know why it happens, but I just adjust accordingly. If you are overtraining, it may be difficult to get you hr up as well, so make sure you are not going too hard. Get in the base miles before you start hammering.