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how long to wait to train after flu???(4 posts)

how long to wait to train after flu???mtber
Mar 7, 2002 1:19 PM
I am recovering from a nasty cold (flu?) and wondering at what point to resume training. I first felt sick on Mon - deep cough, no other congestion, fever at night.
Tue: felt wasted, fever, deep cough
Wed: feeling better, no more fever, nasal congestion, still coughing, tired
Thu (today): a tad better than Wed.
I have not trained since Sun and was previously in Base3 doing ~15hrs.

Should I ride the rollers (very easy) tonight for about an hour or would this accomplish nothing since Im not yet fully recovered? Im afraid of losing too much fitness - 3 days off uggghhhhhh!!!!

Thanks in advance.
re: how long to wait to train after flu???merckx56
Mar 7, 2002 4:56 PM
if you're riding around 15 hours a week, take the rest. a very wise pro once told me, "it's not how hard you ride, it's how hard you don't ride!" ride the rollers to loosen up, but don't get the hr too high. you won't lose any fitness! ride easy this weekend and resume training next week.
Boulder bacterial flu epidemiclonefrontranger
Mar 10, 2002 10:04 PM
It sounds like you were the victim of the mycoplasmic bacterial "flu", which is not a viral flu at all. This has been going around Boulder for a couple months. My SO and I have both had it. If you ran a high fever with a severe spasmodic cough (the kind where you cough so hard you feel like you will break a rib and/or puke), and still have congestion (thick nasty stuff, not thin and watery), then this is almost certainly MPB flu. Your best bet is to hit a quick course of antibiotics to make sure the stuff is gone. You run a good risk of secondary bronchial infection from this one, so don't get back to training until you truly feel better. 8-week bouts of bronchitis are no fun; I've gotten hit with this in the midst of trying to peak, and it nearly torpedoed my season because I didn't take the time to get over it. You will lose a LOT more fitness from trying to train through this type of sickness than you will by taking a week or two off. Trust me, a week to 10 days light aerobic work or complete rest will not kill you at this point. I know you're focusing on Boulder-Roubaix, but remember that the real peak of the Front Range roadie season is still a good 2-3 months away, so there's plenty of time to heal and get back into a program. I raced B-R last year sick as a dog with a full-on upper respiratory infection and I'm certain it took me at least a month to recover.

MPB flu has a very long incubation period, so there's no telling where or when you actually contracted it - you could have been carrying the bug for as long as a month without symptoms. The worst part is that flu shots are useless for this one, and you have no immunity to the viral flu which is also running rampant in the Front Range. With your system depressed, you will be susceptible to catching secondary cold/flu & other respiratory viruses, so stay away from kids, parties and other gatherings that may be full of sick people until you're back up to full strength. We were both back-to-back sick this way.

The bottom line is stick to Level I / Level II aerobic stuff until your system has flushed the bug, and don't hit it hard again until all trace of the aching and fatigue is gone and the stuff you're producing with the cough turns clear. You will have a recurring cough for several weeks, and the fever may recur in minor spurts as your body tries to flush the rest of the bug out, which is why if you're certain this is what it is, you should work with your doctor to get a strong 5-day antibiotic course; Zithromax or similar. Make sure to get a good probiotic (cultured yogurt or tablet probiotic from GNC) back into your system afterwards to cure the runs and other ills that antibiotics tend to bring on.
Mar 11, 2002 11:41 AM
it took several years of trashing myself repeatedly with too-early resumption of training after flu, to finally wise up. First, imagine how badly your training will suffer with two months of bronchitis/pneumonia/other fine infection: then do a bit of gentle spinning..