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Mar 6, 2002 12:30 PM
How did you like the Banana Belt #1 race?

Are you going to be at #2?

Didn't do it : Crossed over to the Dark Side...hrv
Mar 6, 2002 2:16 PM
of overreaching/overtraining the week before. See this post that describes it:

hrv "Doubts about my first road race in 2 weeks" 2/26/02 9:13am

Just now starting to come around. Totally violated the 'go hard on hard days, easy on easy days' rule. I didn't do any easy days, and trained hard while sick. Never too late to learn, I guess. Almost sure I'll have to miss BB2, and BB3 now. Don't know if I'll come back as strong or stronger(with gradual build up, as some have said), but rest/recovery will be key in my training program when I do!

My team results (Disco Velo): Cat 3: 2 mid pack, 1 dropped in 3 laps; women senior: 11; cat 4/5 : dropped in 3 laps. Heck, I could have done that! I read in the 'crashes' post how it went for you;what cat do you race?

Thanks for asking,

Also, would you really call that course rolling hills? I train on much steeper/longer hills here (hood river), but I still would call those steeper than 'rolling'. I guess rolling to one is steep to another.
Didn't do it : Crossed over to the Dark Side...The General
Mar 7, 2002 12:52 PM
Sometimes rest and recovery is the best thing, you won't get stronger unless you recover. Think of it as training your body, riding is one type, weights are another and rest is a vital part as well. By the sounds of it you have worked hard, recover and let your body heal. The summer is going to be a long one and you will have plenty of time to race.

I am in cat 4/5's currently. Plan to be moving up by the end of summer but I have only been road racing for 1 1/2 years. I started MTB racing in 94 but never got into road racing until recently.

Rolling is probally the best way to describe the course. It isn't flat except for across the dam. Some are longer and steeper then what I think of as rollers but generally it is a roller course.

>>Cat 4/5 dropped in 3 laps<< Ya' that was about when we attacked and broke up the group. My team mate and I took about 15 riders with us and left everyone else behind. Like every one says if you want to race the race be in the front. If you want to finish ride where ever you feel comfortable.