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training for 40km time trialTravis
Mar 5, 2002 4:15 AM
I am doing a 40km time trial on 19 May 02, or just over 10 weeks away. I have about 1500 miles on the road since Dec 25, 2001 and and in decent riding shape. I was wondering if anyone has advice on the kind of training I should be doing to peak on race day. I have a time trial bike, but almost never ride it. I do all my riding on my rode bike. Should I train on the time trial bike in the aero position on anything other than high speed time-trial like efforts? Should I do motor-pacing on the time trial bike? Any suggestions are appreciated.
re: training for 40km time trialbrider
Mar 5, 2002 7:55 AM
I would suggest both LT intervals and longer rides on the TT bike prior to race day. One, you're going to want to know how it feels to be on that bike for more than an hour (though you will most likely be under an hour on race day, you still have to warm up). Second, you need to be able to transfer your power to the rear wheel on this bike, and be able to keep it in a straight line (both of which require some practice). Motor pacing isn't necessary (but if you have it available, it's not a bad way to go). I might suggest going to a velodrome and riding behind the derny (sp?) and an experienced driver for motor pacing -- safer in the case of getting too close to the motor. Long rides on the TT bike should be solo. Dial in any position changes ASAP.
re: training for 40km time trialmerckx56
Mar 5, 2002 8:03 AM
you really need to make sure your position on the tt bike is dialed in. not just an aero position, but a maintainable aero position! your talking about an hour on the bike and if your positionisn't right, you'll know it in about ten minutes of hard effort.
start your "training" for the tt about 6 weeks in advance.
1st week- do your regular rides, but sub 1 ten mile time trial.
2nd week- insert a 20km tt instead of the ten mile.
3rd week- 25km tt.
4th week- 30km tt.
5th week- 35km tt.
6th week- 40km tt and spin easily the other days in an effort to rid your legs of all the garbage that has built up. in the last three weeks, don't do any other really intense riding. you should be saving it for the tt workouts. if you have someone to motorpace you, you can do it for short distances (7-10 miles), in an effort to gain leg speed.
this ramping up will allow you to adjust your position as needed, but also train your legs to work more efficiently in that position. you will notice your hamstrings will be really tight after the first two weeks, but they will stretch out and accept the tt position.
from the start, don't go balls out! you may blow up. i have always split the race into 1/4 sections and increased my intensity thru the end. by the last 10 km, you should be at, or very near your LT. the last 5km, the throttle should be wide open. if you have energy to stand and sprint at the end, you didn't go hard enough.
this plan has worked for me on more than one occasion. on of them was a sub 54 minute 40km in florida.
Mar 5, 2002 8:09 AM
warm up! ride the trainer, on the tt bikeand in the aero position for 15 or 20 minutes befrore your start. it will stretch everything out and get the blood going to your legs.
do one or two good intervals to get things opened up.
get somes peppermint altoid mints and chew a few right before your start. they will open up your head and the fact that they have done so will distract you enough not to have the willies right before you go!
Here is a good way to train (with PIC!!!)Woof the dog
Mar 6, 2002 2:23 AM
forgive me for the sabotage but the threads get tenser with each new day, we need to let go, we need to learn how to relax!....and that is how I usually do it ;-)


Woof, the true time trialdog
Here is a good way to train (with PIC!!!)Travis
Mar 6, 2002 3:38 AM
so, is this in addition to LT training, or an acceptable substitute? It looks like an unorthodox training method, but if it works, why not?
test (nm) testkaydub
Mar 26, 2002 10:25 AM
test (nm) test test3markdub
Mar 26, 2002 10:26 AM
The best pic yet. Keep up the good work - nmMcAndrus
Mar 6, 2002 5:37 AM
The best pic yet. Keep up the good work - nmmarkdub
Mar 26, 2002 10:20 AM
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