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time trial questionDaniel H.
Mar 3, 2002 10:18 PM
I had an 18 mile time trial yesterday and seemed to really bog down in the last third. I went out as hard as I could from the start and burned up the road for the first 12 miles then I hit a head wind and my legs exploded. I have a max heart rate(from the bike) of 201 and I had an average TT HR of 182. that is slightly higher than I have ever seen in a TT such as 177,179,177 so on. I wonder if I went out too hard because it felt like I was blown up there about four miles to go, but I was able to keep the heart rate up for the duration of the TT, although my speed and power output dropped by a quarter Should I keep the heart rate down next time to 177-180. what could have this been?
Did I just go out too hard from the get go?
any assistance that you have would be of great help to me.
Thanks in advance.
Daniel H.
re: time trial questionjim hubbard
Mar 4, 2002 1:53 AM
It is not just a question of too hard to start, but a question of maintaining a sustainable pace. It sounds as though you were at such a level that your body could not cope with the lactic acid build up. That is why you blew badly in the last quarter. While HR are an OK guide you really need lactic threshold info. The problem is that this is constantly changing from month to month depending on training. If you ride enough TT you will become good at reading what your body is telling you, too fasr/ too slow.
re: time trial questionSpox
Mar 4, 2002 3:16 AM
yes, if you went out as hard as you could from the start, then you did it too hard...spectators say 'he/she went all out from the bang', but we know it is not possible, not even for Lance. It just looks like that.

What you gotta learn is to start little bit from the back; you start little bit too slow and accelerate through that the end you are going 'too hard' but still just a little bit too hard so that acceleration does not die before finish line.

You need to know the size of your 'lactic cup'; when it's full, moving ends...You fill that cup like dripdrip everytime you go over LT, if you go over just a little bit it gives you 3-8 minutes...if you go way over; it fills up faster and 'cuts your head off'

So maxpower@LT or little bit below means most in tt...
re: time trial questionrian
Mar 4, 2002 6:08 AM
You definitely went too hard, but its better to finish with an empty tank than have some left! It all depends how much you lost on the last leg.

The pursuit riders I know are now being told to sit down after about six seconds of maximal effort after the start and concentrate on smoothness and form. Until recently , they were blasting off for longer and fighting the lactate all the way to the finish. This new tactic still exhausts their ATP stores at the start, but enables a much more efficient effort over the rest of the race. It pays off with only a slightly slower start, but a much faster second half.

In time trialling, the objective is for an even pace for the whole race (with due allowance for wind and gradient). Pace judgemant is the most important skill for a time triallist to learn, and it's not just down to hrm readings.
re: time trial questionDaniel H.
Mar 4, 2002 10:32 AM
Thanks everyone, I understand what you're saying, I appreciate all of your input.
Daniel H.