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Tactics question.(12 posts)

Tactics question.Sintesi at home
Mar 3, 2002 10:53 AM
I'm not a racer, just a fan, I'm watching a video of TdF 2001 this afternoon. During Stage 4 there was a short 4 man break that included Jan Ullrich about say 6 seconds or less off the front. Ekimov leaped on to the back and that was the end of that. Got me thinking. I know teammates will sit on another rider's or riding group's wheel to slow them down, but will he ever jump in the front and actually brake to slow a group's rhythm? Pro cycling is so guided by etiquette (no attacking in the feed zone, during bathroom breaks, etc..), is this permissable?
re: Tactics question.Zipper
Mar 3, 2002 12:47 PM
It is considered taboo to slow a break down by going to the front and simply slowing down. Such acts are generally frwoned upon. I am not saying it is never done. As for "brake checking", don't ever do it whether in the main field or a break. That is the kind of crap that will get your assed kicked.
What is "brake checking"?Sintesi at home
Mar 3, 2002 1:23 PM
Hitting your brakes slightly? Is this what I was asking about? Or something else? I had a guy yell at me once while drafting me on a hill when I put my fingers on the levers when coming up on traffic. I didn't actually engage but my fingers flinched and the guy behind me got bent for a few seconds.
What is "brake checking"?jim hubbard
Mar 3, 2002 3:23 PM
It is dangerous and stupid. The way to do it is to roll then then pull slower than the others. Touching the brakes causes accidents and will get you put into a ditch or a pump through your front wheel.
or a foot in your ass! (nm)merckx56
Mar 3, 2002 3:56 PM
What is "brake checking"?Sintesi at home
Mar 3, 2002 4:30 PM
Yes, but I never engaged my brakes. I touched the levers. What is "checking brakes?"
What is "brake checking"?merckx56
Mar 3, 2002 8:08 PM
slowing purposely in front of someone in order to either piss them off or get them off of your wheel. it is highly frowned upon. all you have to do to slow a break is not do any work, or when you pull through, do so at a much slower pace. if you brake check an someone goes down, be sure to get to your car first after the race, load up and get out of town. i've seen pro dogs come to blows after a crit for just this type of behavior. i have personally taken people into the curb fot it.
What is "brake checking"?Woof the dog
Mar 4, 2002 12:03 AM
that is why i keep my bear spray handy, so that a$$holes who think they are the bullies can't smell anything for a while. There is no way of knowing whether braking was intentional, there were many things that could go on and cause a crash without anyone wanting it. Bullying someone after a race is asking for trouble.


Woof the dog.
What is "brake checking"?CARBON110
Mar 4, 2002 6:27 AM
Amen DOG! That kinda crap is not permissable. I rode 2 races this weekend. The wind was so bad everyone who wasnt pulling had to use their brakes just to stop hitting the front. If you are on the outside of a group sometimes you can just flow out of the draft and slow down.I never get upset when I see people with their hands on the brake but i stay away from them if they use their brakes at inoppertune time.You have to keep a good flow with the people around you and it takes experience and practice. Just be judicious, brake if you think you are going to fast to cut it. Try avoid slamming on the brakes unless someone falls in front of you. Usually people communicate by yelling " slowing " or "braking " There are alot of Jackass riders out there, people that pass over the yellow line, people that pass off the road and cut in front of you, people who don't pay attention and bring danger when they create too close quarters in the peloton. This is inexperience and bravado that causes crashing and accidents. Be smart, judicious about where you are all the time. Find out what your goal is and where you want to be in the race/group ride. Don't slack, pay attention. This weekend some guy flew off the road and into a tent causing : breaking the camera, breaking his right arm, and trashing the results on a spring season 35 miles, no points included small cash award race. On the second day, someone passed me on the grass off the road over the white line, slammed into my handle bars and I had to restrain myself from pushing him back into/off the grass.The field screamed at him and he quickly rode to the back. Everyone marked him for being dangerous and he was left to the wind.The point is use your own Judgement, make sure its intelligent and don't put yourself in a position you don't know how to get out of. Alot of things can happen on a bike when you are going over 25 of even 20 mph. Especially if you are not comfortable. Good luck
What is "brake checking"?merckx56
Mar 4, 2002 7:20 AM
i'm not saying you can't feather your brakes to scrub speed, if necessary, but there are times that racers do brake check. i was helping to chase a break and every time the teammate of the guy up the road would come to the front, he would grab both brakes and send the other five of us shooting all over the road to avoid going down. I don't condone violence, especially towards other riders, but there is a time when serious discussions need to take place!
I had to pull seth pelusi (saturn) off of the guy after the race. the next day, the same guy tried to go in a break with seth and i, so I took him to the curb to make a point and get him out of the break. he didn't go down, but he understood! i'm not trying to be an a'hole, just telling it like it is in the glamorous world of racing! you think we're dirty, go race a few kermesses in belgium! you'll be glad to come back to a fistfight in the u.s.!
Is not a matter of slowing during a pull...greg n
Mar 4, 2002 7:50 AM
A teammate in a break away like your talking about is there to help give a team some control upfront. It's not a matter him going slower during his pull. He may sit back and not take a pull to conserve energy and make the others work more. Or launch attacks to insue chase which will in turn tire the other riders in the break. Or he will be used to help bridge the team leader up to the break. But like everyone has said, you don't brake in a break or pace line for that matter.
But to answer your question...Bruno
Mar 4, 2002 7:52 AM
Ekimov is not trying to slow down the breakaway. He is covering it. He will sit on the wheels of the other three breakaways and not take a pull. In case the breakaway is succesfull in getting to the finish before the peloton he will be fresh to sprint to the finish line and win the stage. At least that is the theory. I believe that in the breakaway you are describing the peloton decided not to let it happen and went for them.