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More than reading between the lines.....(3 posts)

More than reading between the lines.....CARBON110
Feb 27, 2002 5:32 PM
Ahem....Here Here, a Rotten Tomato award to Gilberto Simoni for his CYCLE SPORT interview. I am sorry to beat a dead horse here but when this " jacka-- " says that Jan U. and Lance A. are not really climbers, boy you know he burned some bridges there. This is a Profession, and cycle sport is a magazince that circulates through the pro teams.I guarantee that will cost him at one time or another in a dynamic pro race. This is not just slanderous hype to get a wild card vote for the TDF. This is just plain egocentrism thats a depiction of Simoni's lack of experience. He continues to talk about himself and how easy and right it was to win the Giro, his only major win and only major Stage Race win. He gives no credit to how hard his team worked for him. Then he continues to state riding the Giro 100% and the Tour De France is " no problem at all for me "Um...yeah...finishing these two races is gruelling and punishing to anyone. Two of the three longest and biggest races of the year. Unless you are just plain impressionable, if you know Pro cycling at all, this behavior is just lame and as pathetic as doping itself. By the way, G. Simoni is no reflection of italian cycling or the I-talian people! He is a good example of ignorance.If there is justice this July he will be Humiliated world wide, but I for one wont be watching Simoni, since he will be at the back most of the time ( except perhaps one mtn top finish he will be in the top 5 ) Instead I will be watching Lance and Ullrich, two great champions, two great leaders, battle it out with Beloki, Moreau, and Levi
re: More than reading between the lines.....Eric16
Feb 27, 2002 8:04 PM
I don't know, it looks to me like Simoni has just given himself an out. When he gets crushed by Lance, Jan, and company in the Tour, he can now just blame it on the fact that he rode the Giro hard. He won't win the Giro and claim it's because it was too flat, then he won't win the Tour and claim it's because he was too tired after the Giro! Here here Gibo, you've already lined up your excuses! He is obviously a veteran loudmouth a**hole, an inexperienced loudmouth would have to backtrack to explain his shortcomings but Simoni is already set! This allows him to talk big now, because he already knows what excuses he will use when the time comes...
hmm... good point!CARBON110
Feb 28, 2002 5:39 AM
I like the way you think! I agree, although you wont see Millar blaming this early season Flu on any bad performance at the years TDF ( hopefull he will be in the top 10 )someone like Gilberto Simoni already has a cop-out excuse set for him. Yes the Giro is not as hilly this year and I think you are right, he may very well not win. Who was the last to win the Giro twice in a row? There are some good contenders for the win this year though. I would like to see Casagrande ride the TDF too. Alot of USA in the TDF this year as well if Bobby U. can get into form with J. Vaughters. Imagin seeing Armstrong,Hamilton,F. Rodriguez, Vaughters and Bobby U. up there hammering against Jan, Moreau, Millar, Beloki, Jaja, and sevillia. Then again there are alot of spanish riders too with Heras and the above mention plus Eusekial,Kelme, etc. This article just brought back the visions of this years Tour...its going to be good.