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stage race for Cat VTravis
Feb 17, 2002 3:29 AM
I am new to racing, but have been doing a fair amount of training. I currently live in Japan, but am thinking about coming to the U.S. for a vacation in July and entering the Cascade Cycling Classic in Oregon, which is scheduled for 13-15 July 2002. The website doesn't seem to be totally functional, so I can't get answers to some of the questions I have. Perhaps someone who has entered this race in the past can help me. For example, I can't tell if it is possible for Master's racer in the lowest catagory (Cat 5?) to enter this race. Also, do most people use a special TT bike, or do they just put clip-on aerobars on their road bike (I am asking this because I am interested, not because I think the time difference for a cat 5 rider is going to be significant). Also curious about general observations about this kind of a stage race (from what I can tell it consists a 1.08 mile uphill TT and a 64 mile road race on day 1, a 70 mile circuit race on day 2, and a criterium of unknown duration/length on day 3). DO people have to enter all 4 events, or can you pick and choose?

re: stage race for Cat Vbrider
Feb 18, 2002 12:26 PM
In order to compete for the general classification, you do need to do all stages. This is not a track event where you can pick and choose. You may elect to skip a stage, but you will most likely be required to drop out entirely. As for the TT bikes -- most riders will use clip-ons and maybe another set of TT wheels. Soe people use a specific TT bike, but in the cat 4-5, usually they aren't any faster. For the uphill TT, just use your road bike with climbing wheels. Though I'm not familiar with this specific race, I do know that some races have a longer event for the pro-1-2 field (4 or 5 days), and shorter one for the cat 3-4-5s.
re: stage race for Cat Vjschrotz
Feb 19, 2002 3:06 PM
I don't believe they'll have a race for Cat 4 and 5 at the Cascade. It looks as though you'll have to be a Cat. 3 to do it.