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Just a comment.allervite
Feb 14, 2002 8:54 AM
Showed a coach my training plan and diary and he said "too much intensity not enough aerobic time." The funny thing is I used to train a lot harder, but taking his advice has made me so much faster than I used to be. I wonder how many other self coached athletes suffer from this same mentality and end up never realizing their potential.

I don't have him put me on a program because making my own is half the fun of cycling for me, but I do use him to critique it.
Friel's program -JoBob
Feb 14, 2002 11:59 AM
I bought the book this winter and if I really follow it to a tee, I'll be doing alot more zone 1 & 2 riding prior to my race peaks than before. I'm looking forward to the results.
riding slower to go fasterOzzie
Feb 14, 2002 3:35 PM
I rode for a few years with a group that went out hard most days. While I could always stay the course and it was fun when it came to the local races none of us would do that well.

About a year ago I started working part time and put my spare hours into structured and well-researched training. I started riding on my own a lot and doing longer rides at base level.

To cut a long story short I can now ride off my local crew at will and place better in the local races.

The compromise is always between "training" and having fun with your friends. Real training can be dry and restrictive. You have to want to win and really improve to put in the hard yards. Not everyone wants this or can do it though.
re: Just a comment.CARBON110
Feb 15, 2002 5:32 AM
I just singed up with a coach last month. All we do is go out and do 135-167 heart rate for 6 hours. On easy days its 2 hours of 136 or under. Aerobic TTs are 158 and Lt TT are 168. My fitness has improved immnensely due to restraining myself on group rides or lone rides. I keep focus on my breathing and stay in my seat with cadence of no lower then 80 rpm ever unless its super steep. I combine this with strength building in big gears with low cadence ( allervite thx ) and I am in better form and stronger than after the 4600 miles I put in last season when I peaked for a week.It pays big to keep it aerobic.
question for you guys....mixinbeatz
Feb 15, 2002 10:20 AM
So here was my problem.... I started riding with a new group about six months ago and was getting dropped on every ride. Since then, I have been following a regular weekly program, strength training, a ton of base miles ect.... but still hammering every Saturday. To say the least, my improvement has been amazing, I can stay with the higher categories in the group and even get a sprint from time to time. For me, it feels like killing myself on the fast group rides, along with a lot of rest and a solid program has improved my speed a lot. Do you think that going hard on Saturdays could really be that detrimental to my program???
just trying to get my program dialed in...
question for you guys....CARBON110
Feb 15, 2002 4:11 PM
It depends, I ride fairly hard on sundays with the group rides but i keep my cadence super high and never go more than 10 heart rate above my LT. I push easy gears with a 12 -23. But high cadence. Practice pedal technique, and make yourself more effecient. This will go a long way to making you a better rider. Don't do group rides if you have an important race you do want to place in. Otherwise, dont overtrain and make sure you get alot of rest. Doing strength training on the bike and riding alot of miles can wear you out if you dont balance it. Good Luck!
Seems a common problemKerry Irons
Feb 17, 2002 5:11 PM
There are so many people talking about their "25 mph training rides" and hammer fests. We have a local bunch that rides harder on their training rides than they do during races - the purpose appears to be to pound the other guy rather than train properly. And yet, these guys can never seem to last on a distance ride. As is often said: if you want to train hard you have to rest hard.