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USCF North Atlantic region is now gone !!!!!!(3 posts)

USCF North Atlantic region is now gone !!!!!!BDBike
Feb 14, 2002 7:53 AM
North Atlantic Region is now merged with Mid Atlantic region, I do not see any good in this....

I think the USCF has a lot of boneheads......

This is taken from the what was new awsome race calender page of Marka Wise, info...

As of February 10, 2002, there is no more North Atlantic Region. It has been merged into the Mid-Atlantic region under Judy Miller. All business is to be conducted through her. You can call her at 610-866-4051 or e-mail: I am retiring from cycling as February 13 and will conduct no business from this date. It saddens me to make this decision but it has to be for many reasons which have nothing to do with me personally. I wish all of you good racing and have enjoyed working with everyone over the last sixteen years.

To elaborate: First of all, I did not step down. The position was eliminated so I didn't have any choice. Tom saw the writing on the wall and stepped down before everything "hit the fan." I, on the other hand, have the misfortune to be the "scapegoat" or whatever. This redistricting plan has been in the works for some time and Colorado even had the nerve to tell me three weeks ago that the permanent job was mine when all the time they knew that the position would be eliminated and there would be no North Atlantic Regional Coordinator. They just wanted me to keep on working to keep the district going until they made their announcement. Such duplicity has made me very angry and used. And as I have suspected, the region didn't want me anyway, so why should I keep butting my head against a stonewall for junior development, turn the other cheek when abused, insulted, ignored, demeaned, criticized, etc, not to mention having to deal with being around $7000 in debt. For sixteen years I have put my heart and soul into cycling and this last occurrence is the last straw. So the time has come to call it a day and at the tender age of 67 I will take my fragile ego, retire and try to find something to replace the joy and satisfaction of being a part of cycle racing.

As for the race schedule, I was told that I didn't know what I was doing, that I should have used other web schedules, etc, and I can no longer afford to maintain the site, either financially or emotionally. Let the other web pages do the job.

Marka S Wise
This is crap !!!!!!allervite
Feb 14, 2002 8:42 AM
I sent them a letter letting them know that I am one member who does not approve of such business practices.
I spoke to Her 10 days ago........CARBON110
Feb 15, 2002 5:07 AM
I was on the phone upgrading my cat level with her.She had no idea for sure. I was wondering why Tom Vincent, a very very cool gentleman and generous in his time as a regional rep, had left the position since he liked it so much. Marka knows everyone! She is renown in the cycling world and I don't understand why USCF colorado think they can afford to burn such bridges. The cycling world is small enough and it needs all the momentum it can get to stay alive and exist. Maybe they went to the same ETHICS class as the ENRON administration. Marka is someone who is full of excubrance for the sport and its athelets at all levels. This is the kind of people we need running this dis-organization. I suggest we all send candid letters to Velonews and the USCF.
I hope you all understand having a great regional rep. is imperative in order to have a good cycling scheduel and accessibility.