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Hey Guys I posted something on race wheels(2 posts)

Hey Guys I posted something on race wheelsCARBON110
Feb 12, 2002 7:46 AM
In components forum. I am interested for your opinions. What do you guys ride? Thanks and best early season too all!
re: Hey Guys I posted something on race wheelstcr01
Feb 12, 2002 8:21 AM
I read your post and am impressed with your wheel collection. Last season I raced primarily on Mavic Kysriums. They are nice wheels. Good all around characterics and very reliable.

Recently, I had Dave Thomas build me a set of Aerolights from his Speed Dream series. The wheels use Velocity Fusion rims (25mm deep section) with Sapim CX -Ray spokes, alloy nips. Front hub Am Classic 16h rad lace. Rear hub, Velocity, 24h, with non drive side laced 8 spokes 1x, drive side 16 spokes 3x. Bare weight is around 1400g or bit less per pair (can't recall the exact figure). These wheels are awesome. They roll very very nice with much more comfort than the K's and have proven very durable. Super light. I think these will become my primary race wheels this season.

For most training, Ultegra 32h, 3x, 14/15 spokes on Mavic Open Pro's.