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Leg InjuryBig C
Feb 7, 2002 3:47 PM
I originally injured my left leg on 12/16. The pain was localized in my lower calf area. I took a week off the bike, tried to ride on 12/23 only to find that the injury was a bit more problematic than I had suspected.

I decided to take another week off and tried a 30 minute spin on my rollers on 12/29 but there was still some tightness. So I decided to take 3 weeks off the bike and weights and just ice the thing (based on the advise of my doctor) plus some light streching.

I started riding again on 12/20 (real light rides 20 - 30 minutes on rollers) every other day, resumed the weights, continued the streching, and have rode two 20+ mile rides on 2/2 and 2/3 respectively. The leg is a lot better but still has some tightness.

Any suggestions/insight on getting this thing better?
re: Leg Injurymixinbeatz
Feb 8, 2002 8:56 AM
what did you do to yourself...? meaning how were you injured....?
re: Leg InjuryBig C
Feb 8, 2002 10:46 AM
Injuried it cycling.

I had taken a 2 1/2 week break to rest my legs. It was the first ride back from rest on a very cold, rainy day with some hills.
re: Leg Injurymixinbeatz
Feb 8, 2002 11:27 AM
I would try and stop the weights for a bit.... Once you get in some base miles, I find that spinning hard gears at a low cadence(50-65) on slight inclines or a fluid trainer helps build strength without injury. If you have bum knees, I would not do the low RPM stuff. Weight training happens to equal injury for me, and I can build plenty of strength on the bike. If it continues to bug you, just do easy rides till it comes back. In my experience, pain means that you are doing something wrong(pedal adjustment problems, seat level???). Even when you go out hammering your legs may get a little heavy and sore, but they should not really hurt...
my 2 bits.