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You guys are way mistaken about Jan Ullrich(14 posts)

You guys are way mistaken about Jan UllrichBAi932010
Feb 4, 2002 8:41 PM
In one of the threads below, someone said that Jan is 19 pounds heavier than Lance, but only produces the same amount of power, well your'e wrong, unless Lance magically drops to 140 pounds during the Tour (I'm the same height as Lance and I weigh 147 and he is noticeably bigger than me.)
Jan's racing weight is 73Kg x 2.21 = 161.33 pounds
Height- 1.83m x 39.6 = 72.468 inches, or just over 6 feet

Lance weighs 165pounds, according to his U.S. Cycling bio and he's 5' 10

In the mountain time trial, they measured the power of both, and Jan was much more powerful, but he started before Lance and was therefore at a disadvantage because Lance had his timechecks and Lance also rode at a much higher cadence, which requires less power.
Don't know what's wrong with your data.............Len J
Feb 5, 2002 5:14 AM
but my eyes tell me that Lance does not weigh more that Jan.

You need to check your data.

Not sure about the 165 poundsMcAndrus
Feb 5, 2002 6:49 AM
I saw that too but I doubt its accuracy. I've seen other references to Lance at his fighting weight at 156 lbs. From looking at him I can believe 5'10" and 156. I have a hard time believing 165.

I've also seen references to Jan that put him anywhere from 165 to 175. Maybe it depends on the source and the time of year?
If Lance weighs 165 at the tour I'm Fred FlinstoneAlex-in-Evanston
Feb 5, 2002 7:46 AM
I'd guess 150 or less.

Lance at 165?!?!brider
Feb 5, 2002 9:14 AM
Maybe in his triathlon days, but not in his post-cancer days. At 5'11" and 150 ( a few years ago), I can compare his physique to mine (at the time) and see that he has much less upper body mass, while the legs look about the same. I'd guess he's around 145-150 at TdF.
re: You guys are way mistaken about Jan UllrichBAi930200
Feb 5, 2002 1:04 PM
I think Lance says in his book that he weighed 159 or 160 in the 1999 TDF. In his tri days he weighed in the 170's, maybe touching the 180's, its easy to see if you look at an early picture of him. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, and hes got big legs.(Jan's almost look more slender)
re: You guys are way mistaken about Jan Ullrichmagliarosa
Feb 5, 2002 1:55 PM
i'm pretty sure i read that Lance was right around 146 at the start of this year's tour while Jan was in the 160's. Come on, Lance weighs HIS FOOD, do you think anyone that anal about their preparation is going to want to tug all that extra weight up the mountains. He's going to be as light as possible.
I've heard different.Sintesi at home
Feb 5, 2002 8:55 PM
I don't have actual data (who does?) and I can't back it up w/ a link reference but I know Carmichael has reported Lance is below 150 at the end of the TdF due to actual muscle loss at that point. He starts at 3%(!) body fat. I honestly believe Ullrich cannot produce a greater wattage/body weight no matter what he does. He might be able to produce higher watts in spurts but he cannot sustain it especially over a 3,000km race. HE IS TOO BIG. He's not Indurain for chrissakes. C'mon, look at JU's responses to LA's attacks, especially on the steeper climbs. He can't do it. He's a definite phenom, but when is the last time you saw JU attacking a TdF stage? 1998?

Lance is going to have to wreck.
re: You guys are way mistaken about Jan UllrichBC
Feb 6, 2002 6:45 AM
Lance weighs around 156-158 at the tour and I believe Jan is at 165lbs. Lance is also mentally stronger which might be the difference in him whuppin' Jan every year.
re: You guys are way mistaken about Jan UllrichDuane Gran
Feb 6, 2002 11:42 AM
My recollection was that Armstrong weighed in at 147 at the start of TdF last year and Ulrich was at 160. John Carmichael had several things to say about this on OLN. My real issue is with the following statement you made:

Lance also rode at a much higher cadence, which requires less power

Power is a unit of output, just like speed. You can generate power (and speed) by mashing or spinning. They are identical, but the way they affect your physically is different. Someone who mashes the gears isn't generating more power, but they might be taxing their muscles more than their lungs. It all depends on the person.
re: You guys are way mistaken about Jan UllrichWayne
Feb 11, 2002 5:45 AM
Duane has it, I'm 99% sure at the pre-tour medical check-up that all the riders do before the TdF that Armstrong weighed 147 lbs and a height of 5'10" in 2001.
re: You guys are way mistaken about Jan Ullrichthenewguy11
Feb 14, 2002 2:40 PM
I don't have the figures, but power is a measure of movement as well as force. So someone spinning fast in a higher gear (Armstrong) can generate as much wattage as someone mashing a lower gear (Ullrich). I don't think starting behind Ullrich, while helpful, provided quite the advantage you mentioned.
you guys won't believe this!spdplayr
Feb 15, 2002 4:38 AM
i just called lance and jan and they were both out to eat at McTacoKing together eating supersized extra value 7 layer chili meals. i heard that they were both looking very "jared" from subway prior to his mega weight loss and that they were headed there next for some calorie killing subs! wow that was exciting!
That's friggin hillarious!James Curry
Feb 15, 2002 10:53 AM