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ughghg....cant get motivated to!!!(2 posts)

ughghg....cant get motivated to!!!jjtriumph
Jan 31, 2002 2:29 PM
i think i was a little mentally burnt out by the end of last season...stopped racin at the end of august..and really havent done much since dec..started back at the gym...cycling classes, lifting, etc...
now im "trying" to get into a structured plan..but having alot of trouble motivating myself to put the hours in...i get soooo bored riding inside on the rollers...only doing about 5 hours a week..but really should be double that.

any advice on how much cat 4's are doing this time of year? specifically, those stuck in snowy cold conditions, such as new england? my asthma prevents me from riding in anything below 45-50 degrees without alot of difficulty.

im think im goign to end up just going easy untill its nice enought to ride outside....and just suck at the beginning of the season...peak later on... i guess.

re: ughghg....cant get motivated to!!!MeMyselfandI
Feb 1, 2002 6:30 AM
Take a week off from training. Weights, riding, everything. When you come back you'll have more fun. Also realize that while riding on rollers you will need more entertainment than just music. A good movie, particularily a cycling movie would be a good watch.
The cat 4 that is going to upgrade by mid-season took a month long hiatus around November and hasn't stopped riding since.