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Jan 31, 2002 1:57 PM
Now I KNOW it's too early for this post...but I want to throw it out there anyway. Based on the current attitudes and a little speculation as to how the spring classics will go, answer these two questions...

Question #1: Which teams WILL get a wildcard selection for this years TdF?

Question #2: Which teams DESERVE to get a wildcard selection for this years TdF or at least who would you pick if it were up to you?

The current preselected teams are...
1 Fassa Bortolo
2 Team Deutsche Telekom
3 Rabobank
4 Mapei-Quick Step
5 Lotto-Adecco
7 O.N.C.E.-Eroski
8 Cofidis
9 US Postal Service
10 Domo-Farm Frites


Kelme-Costa Blanca
CSC Tiscali
Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola

My picks...

Will get a selection...
1. Credit Agricole
2. AG2R
3. Bonjour
4. La Francaise des Jeux
5. Saeco

Deserve a pick (nationality considered)...
1. Credit Agricole
2. Saeco
3. AG2R
4. Bonjour
5. Coast

If it were up to me...(i.e. just cause I wanna see it!)
1. Credit Agricole
2. Saeco
3. Acqua e Sapone
4. Mercatone Uno
5. Coast

I decided to add another list...list #3 is certainly not fair b/c Acqua and Mercatone certainly don't deserve a spot, but I'd like to see Cipo and Marco back in the tour!

Have fun speculating everyone!!
Feb 5, 2002 10:46 AM
Who will get chosen? 3 french teams, and two italian teams.

Who deserves it? We will have to wait and see how they ride in the first part of the season.

Who do I think will do well?
Credit Agricole
Aqua e Sapone