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Top 5 Giro di Italia?(5 posts)

Top 5 Giro di Italia?allervite
Jan 31, 2002 9:29 AM
1. Olano
2. Garzelli
3. Savoldelli
4. Tonkov
5. Casagrande

Old man Olano! This giro could be his. Not a very hard Giro. Pantani and Simoni will loose too much time before the climbs. Cassagrande (although i don't like him) is tough enough to hang in and do something on the final climbs. Frigo, I think could be suspended again.

Why 5? I had to one up Shirt of course.
re: Top 5 Giro di Italia?Eric16
Feb 1, 2002 3:51 PM
allervite, I'm sick of no-one responding to this post so I'm gonna take a shot at it!

1. Casagrande
2. Olano
3. Garzelli
4. Belli
5. Pantani

I know it's not really a climber's Giro this year but I think Casagrande (and more importantly Fassa Bortolo) are going to want it enough this year after the last few year's let-downs. After that Olano's strong TT will be his salvation after losing some time in the mountains, Garzelli will find some form again this year, Belli might get up there if Simoni's thugs leave him alone, and I would like to see Pantani get his head out of his butt, train for the Giro, and show us a little bit of that brilliance of old!

Simoni won't win again unless he can, once again, find a way to get all of his rivals kicked out of the race! ha!
I guess it's true!allervite
Feb 5, 2002 10:32 AM
We americans only care about one bike Race in Europe. I think you may have it right with Fassa. Belli could be a real sleeper. He is a hardman. Casagrande is going to need a little help in the tactical department though. Otherwise, I think all we will see is him banging his fist on the bars and complaining that the riders from the other teams won't work with him.
Feb 5, 2002 8:57 PM
Hey allervite, no-one else is reading this thread so I think I can just respond to you! It is most definitly sad that the TdF speculation post gets over 300 views while your Giro post has been struggling to break into double digits...I usually defend Americans when Euro's complain that they only care about le tour but this is making me think that the stereotypes may be true. It's wierd too because the Giro is so much more fun to guess about. The tour's two top spots are pretty much locked up before the race even starts with Jan and Lance, but the Giro is WIDE open! We'll have to see how it plays out...I really liked your Tonkov and Savoldelli picks but I wanted to mix my list up a little. By the way, I'm almost certain Savoldelli left Saeco but I can't remember for the life of me what team he went to, do you happen to know?
The Falconallervite
Feb 7, 2002 1:22 PM
You are right. He left Saeco for Index-Alexia formerly Alexia Alumino. It looks like it could be a sleeper team with members such as the infamous Lanfranchi, de grande, Bo Hamburger, Alberto Elli and the impressive sprinter Quaranta. This team will definately get a stage in the Giro.