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Track sprinting vs. Road sprinting(3 posts)

Track sprinting vs. Road sprintingtuffnick
Jan 29, 2002 11:58 AM
I'd just like to hear your opinions on the differences.

I know myself as a track sprinter the style is very different. I was told once the side to side play of roadies was just poor technique and that keeping my bike rock solid like I was taught on the track is the only way to go. Part of it of course is most likely due to the fact that on the track maintaining the speed is critical whereas on the road its more accelerating to max speed on the line but even the jump (and start for that matter) on the track is a very rock solid and graceful thing when done properly.

re: Track sprinting vs. Road sprintingallervite
Jan 29, 2002 1:35 PM
I'd say you answered your own question. The jump in a road race is usually done at a lower cadence and possibly on a slight hill. Also, the riders have been on the road a few hours. All this contributes to that strong-leverage side to side motion.
Gotta make the break 1ststr8dum1
Jan 30, 2002 7:30 AM
you can be an all that track sprinter, but if you cant make the right moves or dont have the aerobic capacity (how many track sprinters are top level points racers?) to make it to the finish, who cares. Look at Marty, all that track sprinter. Out on the roads, he crashed in more than a few NRC races this year and had some pretty crappy results (relatively).

there's no difference between a track sprint a road sprint. you pedal fast and pick the best wheel. form doesnt matter if you winning.