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Curving a sweet tooth(2 posts)

Curving a sweet toothtuffnick
Jan 26, 2002 9:38 PM
Whats the best way to curve a sweet tooth? Normally I have cravings for ice cream or something like that in the evening... call me Jan.
Also are calories say from ice cream used in the same manner as from something healthier? I realize the nutritional content in terms of nutrients may not be there and the fat, carb, and protein content is different which makes it a bit of a complex question to answer.
A non-nutrionists answer: fellow ice creamaholicMcAndrus
Jan 27, 2002 9:01 AM
I'm not a nutritionist but I used to have the same problem. I think it's like being an alcholic, even if you're sober you're still an alcholic.

First, calories are calories but from foods like ice cream the nutrient content is about nil. Better to eat foods with the good stuff so that you can ride long and fast.

Second, the way I learned to stop eating crap was to stop eating crap. I guess you could call it the cold turkey method. And I know. Five years ago I could go through a half-gallon of ice cream all by myself in one sitting.

In essence, I'd say stay away from high-glycemic foods and try to work on low-glycemic foods. I don't have a list handy but an internet search should net you several lists. For instance, sweet potatoes are low-glycemic and white potatoes are high-glycemic. So have the sweet potato with dinner.

The reasoning is that high glycemic foods trigger your hunger and make you want to eat more. (It's a blood sugar thing and the nutritionists here may take a shot at explaining it.) Low-glycemic foods do not have that effect and so are more satisfying and less likely to induce further hunger and eating.

The irony is that after a ride you want just the opposite. The foods used in filling the magic window should be the high-glycemic foods.

And it takes a while to develop a taste for these foods. Years ago I craved ice cream and now I don't even really like it anymore. At the end of last season - after a local century ride - I decided to celebrate the end of the season with a big bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. It didn't even taste good anymore. And I was absolutely amazed.