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Ullrich porks up(20 posts)

Ullrich porks upLewis
Jan 18, 2002 12:15 AM
kaiser Chubster needs a visit from Jenny Craig!
re: Ullrich porks upmixinbeatz
Jan 18, 2002 8:08 AM
Yeah dude,
ullrich is a fat ass.
it is so much fun to make fun of him every winter.
He is hella slow, I don't ever see how he won the olypic TT or the world championships last year.
If he went to jenny craig, he might even win the TDF sometime.(oh he did didn't he?)
re: Ullrich porks upTanks
Jan 21, 2002 7:31 PM
I've got to agree with you mixinbeatz. I'm a huge fan of Lance, but I do not understand the grief we give Ullrich. Let me know what he has been eating, I could use some!
Jan 18, 2002 11:02 AM
Operation Yellow Sauce over Dumplings and Sausage IN EFFECT.
re: Ullrich porks upSpox
Jan 21, 2002 11:59 PM
Pictures are pretty dark; if you cut picture and give it little more light, it seems that he is in normal training weight...remember that even pros can't stand low fat% round year...even LA looks different now compared situation in Prologue of TdF
Rosie O'donnell or...?Lewis
Jan 22, 2002 10:06 AM
Ullrich looks like Riki Lake in pink and black spandex. You go girl!
Another Fat Picture...Wayne
Jan 24, 2002 5:22 AM
actually he's looking pretty trim. I know you have to take any comment with a grain of salt but his DS Pevenage is saying this is the best shape Ullrich has ever been in at this time of the year. He's finished with the group everyday at the Tour of Quatar (as has VdB) which only about half of the riders have done.
re: Ullrich porks upCARBON110
Jan 24, 2002 7:45 AM
Dont forget Ulrich will top: Sevillia, Beloki, Moreau, and everyone else at the Tour except Lance :) Maybe if Heras wasnt on Postal he may have been able to give Ullrich a run for second but hes on a better team now. His results speak for themselves guys. Telecom was the best team in 2000 and is still in top 5. Just a thought
TDF PredictionsLewis
Jan 25, 2002 11:43 AM
Don't make any predictions. Its racing so anything can happen!
Ullrich looks thinner than last year but he was HUGE last year and its still very cold in germany.
Heras isn't in Lance's class for TT. Ullrich can beat Lance if he has some disipline. Pantani is the only GC rider I know of that can make Lance hurt in the mountains but that guy seems to have lost the fire to compete.
Dont forget the awesome climbing of Simoni. He is an explosive climber and rides like Lance in the mountains- that will be a great battle.
The fight for second place will be interesting! Who knows we may have a surprise winner.

My pick? 1st:?Lance/Ullrich 2nd: Simoni (if on form) 3. Beloki/Sevilla

Cant wait!!

I expect to see something in the tour from Millar.
I see it like this.....CARBON110
Jan 26, 2002 3:35 PM
Unless an unfortunate accident occurs, Armstrong will take 1st for sure. Ullrich will take 2nd if he is in at the very least same form as last year. Simoni is good but no way can he continue with grueling hill climbs day after day. He barely made it in the Swtzerland Tour after 2 days of hard core.Especially if G.Simoni rides the Swiss tour again. He cant sustain peaks as long as Lance. He is also to arrogant and underestimates his opponents. Ullrich put the hammer down this year and only Heras and LA could keep up attack after attack. Heras was having a rough tour too. I think 3rd place will be an interesting battle though and I cant wait to see it all unfold. Of course anything is possible! It would be cool though if the little elephant ( pantani ) got his stuff together, stopped smokn crack, and had a chance to enter. It would make Mt. Ventoux fun! Just my view anyway
clarify your misconceptions...Lewis
Jan 27, 2002 12:24 PM
Simoni won the Giro. The Giro has tougher climbs through the Dolomites than the TDF. He solo'd to victory on one huge mountain stage. Simoni was spectacular in WC road race, arguably winning it if not for Lanfranchi. Simoni is an incredible climber and all-rounder.
Simoni dropped Lance in the Tour of Swiss in the mountains. I dont know where you think Simoni "barely" made it or can't sustain peaks. Lance won the TDSwiss with some incredible TT's and a really strong team.
Lance does not sustain long peaks. He peaks for 3 weeks in july and thats about it.
Zabel was the most impressive at sustaining an incredible level through the season.

Pantani is capable of beating Lance in the mountains (if he can get his act together). So is Simoni. So is Ullrich (if he can lay off the sausages). Lance is simply more focused on winning the TDF and nothing else.
He only does a few races before (as training for the TDF) and after.
My opinion...Wayne
Jan 28, 2002 7:02 AM
I think you're pretty much right on, Armstrong has an air of invincibility among many of his fans because in part they only see his TdF performances. There are definitely other pros who are in the same class, but he seems to be the best at peaking for 1 major event. Simoni could hurt Armstrong in the mountains but he won't because he will have focused on the Giro (Saeco doesn't even have a spot in the TdF yet, do they?). Ullrich hasn't been 100% at TdF time in the last 2 years (although he was much better last year than in 2000 but I don't think he was tip top). It seems to take him a long time to get in top shape. If I were his coach I would have him ride the Giro for a GC spot, and then see what happens at the Tour. He always seems to go so well a month or so after the TdF. Whereas, Armstrong doesn't come into top form until late June and is done when the TdF is over. Everytime he has tried to race afterwards he's not been dominant at all (like when Ullrich rode him off his wheel at the Zurich WC two years ago, or when he bested him at the Olympic TT) or even competitive (like at San Sebastian WC). Gotta disagree on Pantani, when he was heavily doped Pantani may have been able to cause Armstrong problems in the mountains but I think he is done.
My opinion...Lewis
Jan 28, 2002 11:40 AM
I think we both agree on Pantani. Right now he doesnt train like a champion so he is not competitive.

If Simoni tries to defend his Giro title then I give him lower odds at the TDF. If he makes a serious bid at the TDF, it would be surprising to see him racing hard at the Giro.

I think Saeco is really TDF worthy this year. They had a point with Cipo, he never finishes the entire race and the team was nothing without him. This year with Simoni, DiLuca and others they have serious finishers and stage winners. Depends on how the season goes but I am sure Saeco will be riding the TDF.
On the same page...Wayne
Jan 28, 2002 12:57 PM
look what just came up on With Lance Armstrong more than likley not doing the Giro, it was suggest that Ullrich may ride (and win) the Giro again to which Pevenage said "Yes, that is possible. If he has good luck, like when he won the Vuelta, then yes. If a Tour does not start so heavily and he can roll himself up to speed in the first week, then much is possible." Who are they kidding "Lance LIKELY NOT" doing the Giro, how about 110% not. All that matters for him is the TdF (OK, maybe he cares about the Amstel Gold Race also).
Ullrich is doing greatallervite
Jan 26, 2002 10:28 PM
Jan Ullrich is enjoying the sun in Qatar it seems, currently holding down 13th overall in the inaugural Tour of Qatar. The German champion, who is again aiming to win the Tour de France this year, has started his racing season earlier than ever in an attempt to keep himself in good condition.

Ullrich made the decisive cut of 31 riders in stage 4 of the tour, where the riders averaged over 50 km/h along the coastline of the Arabian peninsula. He finished the stage (won by Alberto Loddo) in 12th place and then went for another 70 kilometre training ride. "Jan is in excellent condition," said Telekom DS Rudy Pevenage. "So he can continue."
Can't wait!!!Eric16
Jan 28, 2002 10:22 AM
This years TdF is going to be an absolute shoot out. Lance is amoung the most disiplined trainers in the peloton and will undoubtedly show up in July in excellent form. He will also have the support of a (hopefully) healthy and, therefore, better prepared Roberto Heras in the mountains along with that selfless workhorse Chechu Rubiera! I'm sure Lance will be dancing and spinning up the high mtns and time trialing like a demon come TdF time!

The hope is, that he'll have some decent competion, and it looks like he definatly will. A better prepared Jan Ullrich will be showing up and he will, without a doubt, be Lance's biggest threat! Based on his early training start in South Africa and his great form in the Tour of Qatar Ullrich should actually peak in July this year, and that will be interesting! He proved he had the iron will of a champion last year when, despite Lance's god-like form, Ullrich continued to attack in the mountains right up to the bitter end! I can't wait to see a stronger Ullrich take on Lance with that kind of resolve! There is also Mr. Big Mouth Simoni to contend with, but he is definitly not as big a threat as Jan. Simoni finished a few seconds ahead of Lance on one stage of the TdSuise, but that's no basis for saying that Simoni can give a peaking Armstrong trouble in the mountains! Lance went on to smoke Simoni in the uphill TT AND lets not forget who won that tour! Simoni can't climb faster than Armstrong when he has to drag that big mouth up the slopes with him!!!

Adding a little spice to the race will also be a great battle for the Green jersey again (can ANYONE beat Zabel??), Hopefully some great TT's from one of my favorite riders David Millar, Tyler Hamilton trying his hand at GC contender with CSC, Jalabert going for another KOM and stage victories, the return of Virenque?, maybe VDB?, suprise stage winners, suicide breaks, and all the other things that make the TdF sooo exciting.

You said it!CARBON110
Jan 28, 2002 12:26 PM
Lewis read it up! Eric put it on the money. By the way the Dolomites are hard but they are not the Alps followed by the Pyrns. And further more , you should read the scripts my man, Lance did not get dropped.He was told not to follow for there was no reason for it. Simoni didnt have that kind of lead. Eric you articulated it perfectly! There is plenty of competion this year and its going to be Great! I think the only suprise would be if Pantani did make it to the tour and finished at all. By the way i enjoyed the " draggn that big mouth up the hill " LoL! Hey Allervite thanks for advice on the strength intervals back in Nov. I have been doing them ever since and I am stronger than I ever have been! Cheers
Right on! (nm)allervite
Jan 28, 2002 4:53 PM
Look at the big pictureLewis
Jan 28, 2002 9:15 PM
Simoni has to be a bigmouth as you put it. His team does not have automatic inclusion in the TDF. He must take it to the press and make it worth the TDF's invite.
He has to build up interest so Saeco is assured inclusion even if they dont have a good classics run in the spring.

Simoni does not underestimate Lance or overestimate his own abilities. He simply wants Saeco's inclusion in the TDF. From your comments, it seems to be working. It reads like you assume Simoni will be in the TDF.
Simoni is an explosive climber and his style is similar to Lance in the mountains. That is why I would like to see these two in the TDF. Simoni also pulled an incredible TT in the Giro that blew me away. He is a great all-rounder.
I dont take anything away from Lance. His pedigree goes without saying.
Not buyin' itEric16
Jan 30, 2002 5:29 PM
That's an interesting theory and all, but Saeco isn't going to get a tour invite just because Simoni runs his mouth, otherwise Pantani would have ridden le Tour last year, ha! If Saeco gets a tour invite (and I personally think they deserve one) it's going to be because of Simoni's performance in the Giro last year and a strong showing in the Spring Classics with DiLuca...same as every other team, strong in the spring (or just French...grumble) and you get a wildcard spot. Although Simoni's talk does promote Saeco as a possible wildcard pick, I think Simoni only makes those comments because he likes to talk trash.