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Young Racers (18- under)(5 posts)

Young Racers (18- under)CFVeloDan
Jan 17, 2002 4:30 PM
I'm 17 and will start racing as soon as the snow goes away.
I would like to know how you others are doing in the cat 4-5 area. Do the older guys tend to win since 28ish is the ideal age for a racer? Or do the younger guys because of a smaller body frame? And what level bikes do you own?. I blew an entire summers savings because I thought if you buy cheap, you will pay in the long run. Also a general question : When I am running for training, should run distance or fast sprints to help my biking (hill climbs)?

My bike:
re: Young Racers (18- under)magliarosa
Jan 17, 2002 7:46 PM
I have to tell you, man, you're bike is pretty sweet. Record 10? Very nice, haven't seen that in a Cat 4 race yet. I wish I would have bought a good bike to begin with as I've upgraded 3 times in the past 2 years and it's cost a ton more than it should have. The guys that win are just the guys that are either the fastest or the smartest. Our Cat 4 races have seen a 13 yr. old win the state championships and 40 yr. olds win other races. Age really has nothing to do with it in these categories, unless you have no experience or something. Just go out and race hard. Get some experience and have some fun.
re: Young Racers (18- under)YoungRcR
Jan 18, 2002 3:28 AM
First off i am 16. Its not about the age of the racer at all. Its about there patience, experience, endurance, all kinds of factors. I have lost numerous races because i wasnt patient enough to wait for someone inpatient to give me a leadout. I know that the last 5 races that I did i just dominated so i had to move up to cat. 4. I do have to say that my bike is awsome, its at the shop right now gettin a few parts and when i get it back ill try to post a pic.

Also, about the running. I dont know what level your at but i got a friend who is around 3rd in the state and he was able to easily hang on to the cat. 5 on his first race. If you got anymore questions just email me at:
You should do fine...brider
Jan 18, 2002 3:00 PM
if you don't have grandiose expectations right from the get-go. You're going to go through a learning curve. To speed this up, join a racing club that works well as a team (rare in the cat 4s and 5s). I came from a running background, and then through triathlon, then into bike racing. I did well, especially climbing (high power to weight ratio, as most runners have, with aerobic capacity to spare). I'd defe=initely run both distance and speed, but you don't need to go crazy on mileage. If you can do 5-6 miles, that will do just fine, and for speed, more like half mile and longer. You don't need to build a real world class running physique, but the aerobic capacity you're building will cross over. Make sure you're combining some indoor riding as well.
Jan 27, 2002 9:26 AM
I'm 18 and just 2 years ago was in the exact same boat as you... I was lucky and have had two awesome coaches help me fine tune my program. For you I'd recommend either finding a good coach or just reading as much as you can.

Very nice bike! Theres nothing wrong with getting a really nice bike since in the long run it'll work better for the most part than a cheaper bike... sure you may not completely need it but theres also a lot of pride in having an Aegis especially since you paid for it yourself. Honestly, I used to think equipment made a rider and if I didn't have the best I'd suffer but its not true... as long as you have a decent bike the difference betwen it and a high end bike isn't huge. But you got the nice bike now so now its just a matter of getting the engine working!

In cat 4-5 the guys who win constantly change just due to the variety of people racing so don't worry about that. Only in like cat 1-2 and pro where the guys have been riding for a long time do the experienced guys who are around 28 tend to be the ones that win a lot. Just remember to conserve energy and draft as much as you can... don't care if someone gets mad at you for not taking a pull if your gonna blow.

In terms of running... fast sprints will help more in terms of sprinting than hill climbing since your using so many fast twitch muscles then long slow runs will help with endurance. The best bed would be to do most of your runs longer then fast sprints once or twice a week with ample rest and possibly another workout where you do stuff like lunges and stairs since this will give the greatest benefit to climbing if your a smaller body build. However if your a small body build just remember to work on your weaknesses like say sprinting instead of just ignoring them.

Thats my advice! If you got any further questions email me at

-Nick :)