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Is it about the bike?(3 posts)

<font color=green size=5>Is it about the bike?</font>liu02bhs
Jan 13, 2002 9:46 PM
Ok, does a expensive bike really make you significantly faster in comparison with a beginner's bike?
yes. <nm>shirt
Jan 13, 2002 10:04 PM
Is it about the bike?allervite
Jan 14, 2002 1:49 PM
These open ended questions are tough to answer: so many variables. What is an expensive bike? What is a beginner bike? What do you mean by significantly faster?

You can pay a couple thousand $$ for a famous name european frame that is not much better than a $500.00 Taiwanese frame. If your expensive bike is about 5 pounds lighter, stiff, and aerodynamic, you will be noticeably faster.

You can really tell the difference between a heavy steel frame with lowend components, but it won't make a Cat 5 into a Cat 3.