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lost all my what??(2 posts)

lost all my what??jjtriumph
Jan 8, 2002 6:07 PM
last year was my first year racing road...upgraded to cat4 mid the end of august i was tired and discouraged....definately resting enough..but other things going on in life, made cycling take a break...
so the past few months has been very speratic...and unstructured.

i finally got my "urge" back, but after a few rides, im realizing that i lost all my question:
how much of the old fitness will come back "easily" ??
i want to be ready to race in mid-may.

Plenty of timeKerry Irons
Jan 9, 2002 5:54 PM
If you're riding regularly now, it will probably come back in a few weeks. If by sporadic, you mean 3 rides in 3 months, it will take longer, but if you got in a couple of rides per week, you should not have much problem. Pick up one of the structured periodization programs and apply about 3, 6-week cycles. It takes you right to May!