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Urethral Strictures: Familiar with them?(5 posts)

Urethral Strictures: Familiar with them?Shy Guy
Jan 3, 2002 12:40 PM
OK guys,

First off: this is a tough, hitting-close-to-home, medical topic. Those with weak stomachs may want to leave this post now. Sorry.

I raced years back and suffered from a urethral stricture (a narrowing--and eventual closing--of the urethra, the "pee tube" in males). After the surgery, I raced some more without recurrence. Due to my passions/interests taking me other places in my life, I took years off the bike and was perfectly fine.

Got back on a year ago, and have been riding a lot since. The stricture (or another stricture, perhaps) is back, threatening to close me up down there. I'm visiting a urologist tomorrow to "head it off at the pass," and will have the surgery again if necessary. (Ugh.)

Anyone out there experience these horribly inconvenient and uncomfortable things? My doctors (then and now) assure(d) me that it's not UNcommon in younger men, and that it can be considered a disease (Urethral Stricture Disease). Sexually transmitted diseases can bring it on (not the case with me), as can blunt trauma to the nether region (again, not the case, unless you count thousands of miles--with standing/resting in between--as blunt trauma). If you've experienced this, did you notice a tie-in to your cycling? What did your doctors say/suggest?

For what it's worth, my on-bike positioning seems right on, without any discomfort or pressure while riding. Suggestions?

Thanks a WHOLE LOT for reading through this and for any comments you may have.
Jan 4, 2002 11:46 AM
Just out of curiosity, what saddles have you used? Experiences?

I know when I've used "scalloped" saddles (when viewed in profile, they have a dip in the middle) I've had a lot of problems. I went back to flat (in profile) saddles and they cleared up. Also, I've tried saddles with the perineum cut in the middle and noticed no difference whatsoever. It's the profile that seems to affect me... I'm also extremely sensitive to nose up/down angle.
The saddles I've used...Shy Guy
Jan 4, 2002 9:21 PM
...are the Selle Italia Flite (years back when I originally had the problem) and the Selle Italia XO (currently). I've been perfectly comfortable on the XO, and I honestly don't feel that it's saddle-related. By this I mean that I believe that, with my predisposition to and history with strictures, any uncutout (standard) saddle would affect me the same way. Though the XO is a cheap saddle, I've never realized I was sitting on a saddle--the best compliment for a saddle--when riding on it. No discomfort at all.

My saddle is tilted back just slightly. Nothing drastic. Again, I have been very comfortable.

I will poll everyone now for experiences with cutout saddles.
Tilted Back!allervite
Jan 4, 2002 10:34 PM
Yikes! You must have a very upright position on the bike, if not, you have got to be putting a lot of pressure where it does not belong. I wonder if you ever experience numbness in the nether regions? I actually tilt my nose down a smidge so that my sit bones are more in contact with the saddle. To each his own.
Everyone's tilt preference is different...Deadly Tedly
Jan 7, 2002 8:42 AM
...but people tend to tilt the saddle down when they have discomfort. This could work, but tipping down too much can cause a worse problem, as the palevis is made to roll forward, which actually puts more pressure on the nether regions. There's a fine line in there that's different for everyone.

-Tedly (micro-adjusting his seat like crazy since he got the rollers)