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Base trainingHigh Gear
Dec 30, 2001 3:00 AM
I'm trying to get a clear view of the physical effects that the all important base training 70-80% of max HR has on the body. After reading many artarticles on the web, I understand that most of us don't ride in that zone enough and while in that zone ( one houre min.) our bodies are building capillaries that will supply the muscles with blood and nutrients for the harder efforts that lay ahead. Along with the above our bodies learn to use enzymes that break down fat to use as fuel. The one thing that I don't have a clear picture on is that how important is it to stay in that zone when on a base training ride? I have read ( -Training archives) that a coach telling rider to stay away from any hills that will raise his HR above the 70-80 of max zone and that to zig-zag on the hill if he has to. I have also read that one reason to stay low is that a high blood lactate will kill off any budding capillaries. So, what do you think? My game plan as of now is to stay in that HR zone for my 2-1/2 hr.weekend rides and my 1-1/2 hr. gym routine for four months while doing some weights like squats. Is this too focused and am I making a mistake by not including higher HR training like tempo work at this point? I want to be riding well in May to July
re: Base trainingJon
Dec 30, 2001 3:41 PM
The theory about higher intensity exercise breaking down capillaries is an old wives tale, not
supported by any current research. If that were true racers during the season would actually
experience declines in VO2 max and aerobic power! Also,lactic acid does nothing adverse
to your vascular system. The reason for building an aerobic base is to improve muscle
vascularization, build mitochondrial size and density within the cell, stimulate aerobic enzyme
production--all of which will improve lactate clearance rates when you begin higher intensity
work. The major reason to limit work intensities during the pre-season is to prevent
psychological burnout later on in the season as well as physical overtraining. If you want
to be riding well in May and June, you should be starting some tempo work by mid to late
Feb. and working into threshold and VO2 max intervals in March and April.
Thanks for the input guys. (NM)High Gear
Dec 30, 2001 5:46 PM
2 words...Joe Friel!BigLeadOutGuy
Dec 30, 2001 5:14 PM
Buy the cyclists training bible by joe friel
he will explain to you everything you need to know and he will do so alot better than anyone on this website could...invest the 20 bucks and buy the book from velonews
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I think Jon didshirt
Dec 31, 2001 4:38 PM
an excellent job of answering his question.

People here say that a lot: Buy Friel's book. Fine. Buy it. This is a discussion board and getting the input from multiple racers around the world is very helpful. That's why we use it.

With that said, buy Friel's book if you don't have it. :-)