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Eddy Merckx or Cyfac???(4 posts)

Eddy Merckx or Cyfac???bdbike
Dec 21, 2001 4:08 PM
Hi I am just looking for some opinions about these bikes I am looking into buying one and wanted to know what people think. I am a cat 4 racer 6'6" 230 pounds, looking for a stiff strong bike to ride in road races and crits (more for road races). any input would be greatly appreciated..

thanks in advance...
re: Eddy Merckx or yfac???Daniel
Dec 28, 2001 12:44 AM
Cyfac are great. Some of the best designed bikes I have come across. How long have you been racing? If you are new to riding/racing, you might want to hold off in getting a Cyfac until you are better acustomed to riding a bike. As you race more you position gets better, so you can handle a more aero-dynamic/stretched ou position. I am not a big fan of Eddy Merckx, a bit over priced I think. While you might not like it, I think Giant TCR's are great racing bikes. I have raced on everything, steel, CF, aluminum, titanium and the TCR's are one of the best racing bikes I have ever ridden. Cheap, light, stiff, comfortable, ugly, but who cares if you crash right? Daniel
re: Eddy Merckx or Cyfac???High Gear
Dec 31, 2001 3:02 AM
Go with the Cyfac if your looking for new. At your hight (depending on inseam length) you probably need a custom. George Dyer would be the one you would be working with since he is the only guy that speaks English and is well intuned with bike fit, especially for racing. I got my Cyfac back in August and never had a bike fit so well. I'm 6'3" with long legs and needed a shorter top tube than most. The bike is a work of art, smooth paint and welds.

Good Luck
re: Eddy Merckx or Cyfac???RayBan
Jan 8, 2002 9:03 AM
sorry if this reply is a little dated but the Merckx MXleader frameset is designed for bigger riders like yourself. Eddy does a great job with his bikes and then theres the prestige in owning a bike with the Cannibal's name on it too :)