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Lactate Threshold QuestionWheelsuker
Dec 21, 2001 7:06 AM
I did a couple of 2 - 3 hour mtb races this year. My Avg. HR was around 174. I am a 38 yr old male with life induced deconditioning factors (2 kids under three = less training time). Should those Avg. HR be considered my LTR for training purposes?
re: Lactate Threshold QuestionJon
Dec 21, 2001 9:42 AM
With a mtb race it's really hard to tell because of the peaks and valleys, effortwise. Also, it would be
really difficult to hold your HR at LT for that period of time, while on climbs you likely exceeded LTHR.
A better way is to go out on the road and do a 10 - 12 mi. TT, after a good warmup. Average heart
rate should be about 103 - 105% of LTHR, depending on your ability to push yourself.
Damn CloseBig Chubby
Dec 29, 2001 3:34 AM