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Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding and Road Racing training?(3 posts)

Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding and Road Racing training?skip work to ride
Dec 9, 2001 10:08 PM
I wanted to see if anyone out there has a suggestion how to figure to incorporate your alpine skiing intoyour off season workouts for road racing?

I ski 2-4 times a week and don't plan on stopping til it melts. But the season here starts rather early (Mid-March) and I want to be set for the season?

Another riders out there with the same issue?
re: Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding and Road Racing training?peloton
Dec 10, 2001 7:16 AM
It's funny how much cross over you see from participants of alpine skiing to cycling. Both sports give you a lot of the same feelings of motion and speed, but both work your body very differently.

During the winter when you are doing a lot of alpine skiing you are working your anerobic energy systems pretty well. Most of the efforts are less than a minute and a half, and are reliant more on creatine phosphate and gylcolosis for energy than oxidative energy systems. You are also more training your type IIa gylcotic fast twitch muscle fiber, and your IIx fiber to be more explosive rather than oxidative. Simply, you are working on power and explosiveness. This can help to transfer to the bike in the way the body builds up more enzymes, nuerons for muscle activation, and conditioning for such efforts. You just have to take this base into a more sport (cycling) specific realm. Basically, using the base in sport specific movements.

During the ski season though, you probably don't need to work on power on the bike all that much. I would concentrate on maintaining a good aerobic base and strength training to fight off the muscle imbalances that can come from alpine skiing. It's easy to overwork the quadriceps during the ski season and loss that good 3/2 ratio of balance between the quads and hamstrings. You will want to do a little strength conditioning to maintain balance. Incoorperate some flexibility training here as well. Make sure you stretch your hip flexors and back. Doing the strength and flexibility training will help you to stay supple and comfortable on the bike. I would also concentrate on getting in a good aerobic base at this time of year. Basically, 70-75% of HR on the trainer. This will help to give you a base, maintain aerobic capacity, and keep your body composition under control. Too much intensity on the bike (IE- Intervals, sprints, VO2 max training) at this time of year combined with intense alpine skiing can be a lot to ask of your body, so don't get too carried away there.

I think of the winter when skiing as a base/maintenence period for cycling. You are trying to put down a solid aerobic base for more intensity come spring. You are strength training to maintain balance and flexibility. It's also probably good for your mental perspective to cut back the intensity of the cycling at this point of the year, and enjoy other sports like skiing.

If you get bored on the trainer, put some studded tires on and hit the snowmobile trails. It's hard to think of it as serious training, and it's real fun in a simple, little kid sort of way.
Dec 10, 2001 8:37 PM
Rule #1: Only take the detachable lift.
Rule #2: DO NOT stop from the top of the lift to the bottom.

Suggestion #1: Stay in the bumps.
Suggestion #2: Ski, don't ride.