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Getting dropped can't be fun(4 posts)

Getting dropped can't be funSecond Wind
Nov 28, 2001 8:55 PM
I'm extremely new to the sport. In fact, I'm picking up my first "real" road bike tomorrow(Litespeed Tuscany). Should my focus be on logging miles or should I have a specific training regimen(intervals, etc.). My goal is to be at least competitive in club rides or maybe a Cat V race if I don't think anyone will show.

Thanks for the feedback.
re: Getting dropped can't be funWayne
Nov 29, 2001 5:47 AM
Logging miles and intervals aren't mutually exclusive and are both necessary if you want to maximize your potential. Believe me if you put in the work, you won't have too much trouble hanging on in Cat. V race, unless your really overweight, and that might not even be a problem if there aren't any substantial hills. Some suggestions:
1) Buy some of the basic training books that are out there if you don't understand the rudiments of endurance training and exercise physiology.
2) Learn to ride easy, most people, esp. beginners will go out and ride a moderately hard pace everytime. You need to ride very easy and very hard, the stuff inbetween is much more draining than the easy riding and doesn't provide the fitness gains of the really hard riding.
3) Do group rides to learn to ride in a pack, choose your group wisely, if you're dying just hanging on, I would suspect you won't be learning much except what it feels like to really suffer. Save the hammer group rides until you know what you're doing and have some basic skills and fitness.
re: Getting dropped can't be funJon
Nov 29, 2001 9:58 AM
Good choice for your first road bike! Most of us weren't so fortunate (or smart!).
Ditto, all of Wayne's advice.
re: Getting dropped can't be funSecond Wind
Nov 29, 2001 2:55 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I got the bike today and it's awesome(excuse the 80's reference). I also picked up Friehl's Racing guide. Despite the erractic weather in VA., I hope to be ready for the spring.