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Cramping = loss of podium spot...(3 posts)

Cramping = loss of podium spot...JustinTime
Nov 18, 2001 9:57 PM
I would greatly appreciate some advice and/or feedback on this one, but will admit this is not a road racing question. I race mountain bikes in the expert class. Most of the guys I'm racing (if they race road) are cat3. Since moving up to expert this year there has not been a race that I have not cramped.
Today, I lost my podium payback in the last 2 miles of a rough, 28 mile race (5 guys who I had previously fought so hard to pass and gain time on pedaled by as I floundered in frustration over painfully stiffened legs).
I drank a gallon of water the night before. I ingest Glycerol Fuel (2-3 tbsp) several hours before the race. I forgot the Tums (calcium) but ate a banana before the race and a little Cytomax and water during the race.
I was told today that excessive protein the eve before can lead to cramps (?) I was told to get "Eat to Win" and follow the nutritional guidlines there. I'm lost and frustrated... I sweat a lot more than most others.
Should I ingest more salt? potassium? concentrate on hydrating days before? is there a special supplement besides Glycerol?
Thank you for any advice!
re: Cramping = loss of podium spot...Jerry
Nov 19, 2001 7:33 AM
Justin, contact E-CAPS for suplement, they have some great stuff that will help you with your performance.

See if you can get a hold of Dr. Bill Maisner.

Good luck.
thanks Jerry!JustinTime
Nov 20, 2001 8:12 PM
is Dr. Bill Maisner affiliated with E-Caps?
I'm off to check it out... thanks again!