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Giant tcrsdaveo
Nov 5, 2001 1:28 PM
Hey any taller people have any experiences with these bikes? Ive seen people who appear around my height (6'2) riding them, but the stock ones ive seen appear really small? Whats the deal? Would the larger stem and post options make fit that much better?
re: Giant tcrsCyclorocket
Nov 9, 2001 7:24 AM
ultra sloping frames :
test it one day after ou know if you like small frames. But meaby you will experience neck and shoulder pain (kms will take it off though) It took me 500km to really understand these frames, I won't go back to traditionnal frames.

My friend and me like small frames (he got a TCR 1 with rolf pros), he's aroud 6'0, I'm 5'11 and you have to love or hate this feeling of stiffness and "packing", steering is very fast compared with relaxed geometry.

Giant frame + rolf pros gives you a nice style !

re: Giant tcrsCT1
Nov 10, 2001 6:53 PM
There is a fairly tall (6' 1" ??) rider in our club with a large TCR. He has a rather long stem on the bike. Works for him.

I have a med custom TCR ONCE (with full Record) and like the frame. Caviat Emptor.... this is total BS about the frame being any stiffer or ... fill in the blanks.... than a regular frame. There is NO (or VERY-VERY little) advantage for this style frame over a conventional frame. Period.... end of story. I've got em both and I ride em both hard and there is no difference.

Get something you like first and don't worry about the slope of the TT.